Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have a weiner!!!!

okay april fools.
that was so inappropriate....

so was what i did to Taylor when she came in the house with a "cubby" of "cool things she found in the neighborhood."

there is a lemon that is already sliced in half and pretty much dried up, but smells very lemony.
a quarter.
about 5 pieces of the asphalt/street.
aaaaand, a snail shell.

she's explaining the items she found to me, and holds up the "empty" snail shell last.

me: "are you sure it's empty?"

taylor: "yeah! it's empty!"

me: "EWW! ohmisnail there's uh....!!" (and i jumped back and she threw the snail shell and gasped) and i just laughed soooooo hard....

it's TOTALLY one of those "yeah totally not funny unless you were there" kind of things, but MAN was it funny when if you were....


p.s. (this was totally supposed to be posted yesterday. i don't know what happened) and i half way stole the weiner idea from "The Sassy Curmudgeon" .... but i think she was like way more appropriate and said "i'm a man" or something like that....


Ms. Anthropy said...

Kids make things seem so much more funny and life much more enjoyable.

Mainland Streel said...

I can't wait to torture my future kids, ha ha! You guys seem to have a lot of fun together. :)