Wednesday, April 14, 2010


the same blood runs through your veins,
as mine.
blood doesn't make a friendship,
and that's fine....
you see,
through all of the years of trying....
a part of me left dying,
the reflection in the mirror,
i see.
the only one there,
is me.
that time in my life,
when music took over,
when i was no more,
than a glance over your shoulder.
i saw the glares....
i saw the hate,
i try to forget
those younger days....
the days when you'd creep in,
and pull yourself in....
the days when i trusted all that you said,
the days that you wanted yourself dead....
the days when you promised,
you'd get better for me.
you don't remember those times,
you see....
the times when i sat at the side of your bed,
wiping your bruised self
from banging your head....

if i hated you the way you say,
i would have left you dead.....