Tuesday, April 27, 2010

an oldie but goodie. (originally written on December 25th, 2009)

so for those of you who know my daughter, know that she :
1. believes in the tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny, etc.
2. loves to write.
3. is nosy (i have no idea where she got it from either) ;)
4. is beyond smart.

and, well, i'm sure there's more, but that's about all you'll need to know for this story....
so.... last night, Taylor gets a paper plate, puts 2 cookies on them. pours a small glass of milk. writes a letter to Santa. also, she leaves him a "helping hand" award. she made him this award.
For those of you who can't read it, it says: TO Santa FROM Taylor Diaz, Helping Hand. Thank you For all your hard work! Keep up the good work! (and there is a picture of a thumbs up on it)
She also includes this letter to santa:

IT reads:

"Dear Santa
I've had a great year. Please try to get my friend Nicolette to beleive in you. If you get to eat these cookies please sighn your name on the line.
Please tell me a little bit about your life. If you don't want to or it's a secret it's okay."

Anyway.... we wake up this morning.... only to find the cookies? eaten. gone. milk glass? empty. note? award?.... gone. my laptop? sitting on the table where the note was.... moved from its normal resting place next to the tv.... it was "hibernating" and only needed a little click of the spacebar or mouse to wake up.... Taylor was confused. her note was gone, but my computer was there. so we "woke it up," and found this on our screen. my text edit open (Apple's version of notepad)....

Dearest Taylor,

You have been such a good girl all year. I have watched you move to a new school and treat your new classmates with such care. I have watched you do so well in school and work so hard. I have watched you welcome a new baby brother into this world with such patience, and such a loving heart. I have watched you help your daddy and mommy, and I've watched you treat your family so kind. You are a very good girl, with a very gentle heart. I am sorry your friends at school do not believe in me. You don't have to try to convince them that I am real. As long as you believe, I will visit you. As long as you believe, your heart stays young. Never stop dreaming, Taylor. You are a very bright girl. I hope you enjoy your toys this year. Something tells me, you will have many presents from many people. Let's work on keeping your room cleaner this year, so that next year there will be room for more presents!

My life is a very busy life. It is a very cold one too! Christmas Eve is my busiest night of all, when I must visit all of the good children's homes! When I come home, Mrs. Claus is waiting with a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows and the fire is burning in the fireplace. Forgive me for moving your couch a bit. It was a bit difficult to get in through there. I think your Dad and Mom will understand why it's a bit out of place.

Keep up all your hard work (and tell your Dad and Mom to give you a better pen to write with next time. That pen didn't work.) I took your note with me so that I could show Mrs. Claus.

I hope your Dad and Mom aren't too upset that I used their computer. Please tell them to save this letter for you somehow.

I enjoyed your cookies very much, and was very thankful you left milk. Some kids don't leave milk, and it makes it very difficult to wash the cookies down. I ate one and will share the other with the reindeer. I hope I didn't wake you tonight.

Never forget the reason for today's celebration.

Dream Big, Sweet Taylor.


Until next year,

Saint Nicholas

P.S. Your dog is very kind too. Good thing she didn't bark and wake you.

So Taylor, was SO excited! She beamed and exclaimed, "i KNEW there was a Santa, Mom! you need to save this letter or print it, and i can show my friends that there really is a santa!"

Oh, Sweet Taylor.... my life will never get old with you in it.... =)


buymebarbies said...

OH my Taylor girl!!! The sweet, sweet innocense of kids...I love that girl!!!

Stephani Nicole Anneler said...

Out of every blog you have EVER posted this by far is my absolute favorite!!

sarahjayne smythe said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you so much. I needed that. :)

Ms. Anthropy said...

How special!



Pat Tillett said...

What a great story! I think Taylor will believe in Santa for quite a while. After all, she has a 30 years old Aunt who still does...