Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Join me, and the USS Reagan, would ya??

SO.... a while back, it was laid upon my heart to prepare a care package to send to an old friend from school who is currently deployed at sea. Little did any of us know the devastation Japan was going to face, and that her ship, the USS Reagan, would arrive there to assist in rescuing tsunami victims & survivors.... Since you can't just address a care package to "any soldier," I have asked her permission to use her address and ship their crewmembers care packages.... I've also asked her to ask her crewmembers for any special requests that any of them might have. She is going to do so, but doesn't know when she will be able to update me with their requests... Some of her requests, when I had asked her for HER requests a while back, were:

-the small bags of tuna (not the large ones, as they go bad faster than they can eat it), (found in a grocery store, they run about $2 each, however, Walmart has them for $0.78/each. BARGAIN!)

-doritos chips (cooler ranch)

-GIRL SCOUT cookies!! (her favorites are tagalogs which are the chocolate and peanut butter ones; I know the names are different depending on the area)

-the colored/flavored tortillas (usually still made by brand name companies: Mission tortillas, etc. , just different colors)

I tried thinking of things that wouldn't go bad while the package was in transit, as it takes 2 weeks, maybe longer, to arrive. So other things I came up with were granola bars (yummy ones from Trader Joes), candies (her favorites were mint 3 musketeers, but you can't find those everywhere. Again, i found them at walmart).... <--- i'll have you know, I don't like walmart and hardly EVER go there, but one of my co-workers told me that the bagged tuna was only $0.78 there, so I had to take a peek! Starbucks via (instant coffee), Starbucks Tazo Tea.

I'm certain, any ideas you come up with, will be greatly appreciated! I'll be posting on Facebook, the request lists, as I receive them.... (if i receive them. Hopefully i do! I'd love to be able to fulfill personal requests for their favorite stuff!)

Because of the nuclear explosions, there has been contamination on their ship and they've already had to move it. They are working on decontaminating it. I just can't even begin to imagine what they must be going through there.... The Japanese, the people attempting to rescue victims, while attempting to protect themselves at the same time.... I'm NOT in the military, and I'm NOT overseas, and i'm NOT a huge help, but if you've ever wanted to help in at least a small way, here's a great way to do so, AND you get a discount for mailing care packages. To ship a large priority mail package, the cost is $12.95, and you can cram that box full, as the price is flat rate, and not calculated by the weight of the package.

If mailing goodies for the other crewmembers, maybe you can just include a little note in the package, letting her know this box is for her crew.... That's what I'll be doing! If you'd like to get the items to me, I'll be more than happy to mail them for you!! Any and all donations, large or small are greatly GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Her mailing address is:

MM2 Di Meo, Kathryn E.
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
FPO/AP 96616-2876

If you are unable to send a package, maybe shoot them an email? Her email address is:

Please feel free to email me with ANY questions, on FB or at, or if you would like to donate any items. I'll be glad to pick them up and/or mail them for you! I'll also be making a few trips for more goodies, so if you'd like to donate any money, let me know. I'll show you the care packages we come up with!!! You guys are truly the greatest!!! Thank you in advance for all of your support!!!! We may not be over there doing the dirty work, but we can help the ones that are!!!! Thanks again everyone!!!