Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother-in-law.... I wish you were here.

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday, however, she passed away in 2001, 7 years before Jason and I were married.  (for those of you who have followed a little bit longer, you know the history between her and my mom and them being friends when THEY were in middle school.... lots more history there).  I only wish she were around today.... I know she would just love the kids so, so much....

(this was at our wedding, where she would have been sitting had she still been alive) 

We started off the trip with a pitstop to costco.  They have better bouquets than the flower shop at the cemetery.  Lewie picked the flowers out, and carefully chose this specific one because of the pink gerbera (?) daisy.  He said, "Pick me up mom so I can see all of 'em." Then he wanted me to put him back down and he chose this bouquet.

He was pretty proud of his selection.

 My babies. I love them so, so much! 

I had tried explaining, the very best I could, to Lewie, about Grandma Marion.  I didn't think (and I still don't think) that he fully understood what I was trying to explain.  I left it pretty simple.  I didn't cry or show a lot of emotion or anything.  However, when we left, he was sniffling..... and continued sniffling for about 30 minutes.  When I had asked him (after about 5 minutes of sniffling), "What's wrong, buddy?"  He said, "Grandma Marion's gone, mom. We can't leave her there. Grandma Marion's gone." I didn't DARE let him see my eyes get watery.  I just thought it was pretty interesting that his thoughts went there when I didn't go into detail much about it.  When we got home, he had asked Jason, "Does Grandma Marion talk?"  =( 

These girls.... Tay and her good friend, Sam came up with a wonderful idea while we were at the cemetary today.... I'll touch on that again soon.... I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! 

He sang her Happy Birthday at least 5 times.... Love him so much.... 

Update on Jason.

Thank you for those kind people who were thinking of us while I was busy absolutely freaking out about my husband not quite feeling all of his face and our little visit to the neurologist.

Neurologist isn't terribly concerned about it right at this moment, because he hadn't had it for too long and his entire visit with everything else checked out okay, though he definitely does need to do bloodwork.... However, since he's been working a ton (and 6 days a week), he hasn't gone in to do that yet... SO, that's that.  The other day, he bit his cheek pretty hard and now has a canker sore which has since distracted him. His face is still pretty much the same, as far as feeling goes, but he is keeping a symptom chart, to see when it is its worst and such and we'll go from there.  I would say, we are okay for now.  THANK YOU ALL!