Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Update on Jason.

Thank you for those kind people who were thinking of us while I was busy absolutely freaking out about my husband not quite feeling all of his face and our little visit to the neurologist.

Neurologist isn't terribly concerned about it right at this moment, because he hadn't had it for too long and his entire visit with everything else checked out okay, though he definitely does need to do bloodwork.... However, since he's been working a ton (and 6 days a week), he hasn't gone in to do that yet... SO, that's that.  The other day, he bit his cheek pretty hard and now has a canker sore which has since distracted him. His face is still pretty much the same, as far as feeling goes, but he is keeping a symptom chart, to see when it is its worst and such and we'll go from there.  I would say, we are okay for now.  THANK YOU ALL!

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Ms. A said...

Okay, this is encouraging and I'm hoping it stays that way. On to the next one I missed.