Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's a BOY!!!! .... almost!!!!

So Wednesday, February 18th, we went in for our standard, every 2 week ultrasound.... finding out what we were having would be GREAT, but we definitely weren't expecting it.... This was the first ultrasound Jason was able to attend, so we were both pretty excited!!!! I had ANOTHER new lady.... 3 ultrasounds with 3 different women.... Man! I wish they'd just pick one and give me the same lady every week. EVERY week, I have to answer the SAAAAAAAAAAME questions.... and every week, I have so fill out the saaaaaaaaaaaame papers.... You'd think they'd just store the information and SAVE it!!!!! HA! Well, initially, I wasn't too fond of this woman. My eyes filled up with tears, and when she left the room so that I could change, I told Jason "You do all the talking. Tell her it's the first time you're able to see this, and ask her if she could try to see what the sex is." He agreed, and when she came back in, he began talking to her immediately. It helped loosen me up. I have to admit going in there every 2 weeks is exciting because I get to see my little munchkin moving around, but it's highly uncomfortable as well.... He was holding my hand and he was SO excited to see our baby moving around. Baby was active (as always), and kicking up a storm (although I still don't feel all the kicks). I feel them occasionally, but not often. Not yet at least. I'm trying to enjoy the last few weeks before the kicks wake me up and keep me up. So as our ultrasound tech was busy searching for the "gender determining organ view," Jason was staring at the monitor with any bit of hope of catching a glimpse at the gender of our new baby.... no good "crotch shot" as Jason called it, and then all of a sudden.... BAM! for a quick second we caught a glimpse.... Jason blurts out, "Was that a weinie?!" The tech laughs and says, "I thiiiiinnnnkkk soooooo!!!"  So she went back to try to get another good look, but low and behold, legs were locked shut.... What a tease! We waited and waited, and yet, not another good look for the day.... She said we are 75% certain having a boy.... but she wants to wait until next ultrasound (March 4th) to be sure.... So March 4th, here we come... =)  Needless to say, we went out and purchased about $100 worth of little boys stuff.... we kept the receipts, don't worry.

I was sick for about a week. Jason started getting sick the last few days of me being sick. I've had such a non-throw up pregnancy so far, and I am SO thankful for that. (up until the 20th) I felt SO incredibly nauseated at work.... My mouth started watering and I kept telling myself, "Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up." and about 2 seconds later, I had to up and run to the bathroom and ended up puking my brains out over the toiletbowl at work. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!!!!!! I had it coming out my nose and everything! But after that, (and a few moments later) my stomach began settling and I didn't feel so bad. I toughed the rest of the day out at work, and ended up getting home close to 7.
Today, the 25th, today is Jason's birthday.... I was soooo frustrated at trying to think of what to get him, well.... since we've been together. He is THE MOST DIFFICULT person to shop for!!!! He doesn't buy anything for himself.... He is picky, but with a good style (and sometimes I think no one could pull off some of the things he has, but somehow he always manages to do so....)
I love my husband so much!  We got up SUPER early this morning.... woke up around 415 am, and got ready to head to the snow. It was a last minute decision, as Jason got the day off as of Monday.... Initially I was a LITTLE bit bummed he had the day off, because it was the first of my 2 days off and I still hadn't gotten him anything yet, and I still wanted to bake him a cake and all that good stuff.  Well, that went out the window.... I had 3 ideas in mind on a gift for him: a bike, a skateboard, or one of those individual cups of coffee makers.... i figured it would be between the bike and the skateboard. He'd mentioned wanting to get a new skateboard back around Christmas, so I was even leaning more towards that. The problem is for someone who is so picky about everything, I didn't know what brand to get, and what type he wants, so I'd have to end up telling him what we were going to go buy anyway and have him come with me and pick it out.  He finally agreed with a "maybe." (that's a 'yes' in my book; he just doesn't know it yet).  
So anyway, today we went to the snow and had SO much fun!  We got up there around 830 and found this little public park, but we needed to get a parking pass.  We went back to one of the markets and got one for $5.00.  not bad!  When we got to the park, there was no one there! It was great!  There was LOTS of snow.... some fresh spots and others tightly packed and icy!  We were sliding all over the place or sinking into big piles.  My lower left side is still hurting QUITE A BIT!!! I tried my very hardest not to make a peep today. I REALLY don't want every single day to be about me and what ache and pain I have.... So Taylor and Jason rode the little round disc down the mountain a few times. Tiki FLEW down the hill! It was great!!!! She was SO pumped and excited!!!!  I LOVE watching Taylor and Jason together! He is SO amazing with her and gets her so confident to try anything with him. I sure am glad he is around to do the things that I'd be so afraid to do.... We put the disc and board back in the truck and decided to "hike." WOW! exhausting! I was laughing so hard, because I kept sinking into the snow. It feels like you are going to fall and you don't know how deep it is.... Some areas would go right through to water, so I'd scream everytime I'd start to sink.... Jason was laughing at me and wanting me to be careful at the same time so I didn't fall on my stomach.  He said, "People probably think Michael Jackson's out here!"  (the way I was screaming kinda sounded like MJ) HA!  I seriously almost peed my pants laughing so hard!  GOODNESS I love my husband!  Tiki and Jason started a snowball fight.... we hiked some more, took some pictures, headed back down to ride the disc a few more times before Tiki cried (for about the 4th time today), and we finally decided to call it a morning and head to breakfast.  
Jason insisted on finding a tiny local diner to eat at.... So we ended up finding this little place called "Teddy Bear Restaurant."  Food was FANTASTIC!!!!  SO YUMMY!!!!
After breakfast, we started our way home!!!! Here we are... 230 in the afternoon. Jason's sleeping next to me, Taylor's watching TV and I'm getting ready to make a cake for tonight.... I feel SO incredibly lucky to have such an amazing family.... Jason and Taylor complete me.... I know that once our new bundle arrives, it will be absolutely all I've ever needed.... Half Jason and I.... just one more bundle to add to Tiki (my love).... who, by the way, is going to make a WONDERFUL older sister....