Saturday, April 24, 2010

senora ashley's gardening service.

now available for hire.

i wish i would have taken a before and after picture, however, i didn't plan on there being an "after" picture as i had only intended on going up and removing the large tree weed that was now peeking over the top of the fence on our slope.
i don't want to be the "WT" neighbors, however, having NOT tended to our large piece of land, I do feel like this is what we are slowly becoming. ha!
i would have totally gone up the slope to weed sooner, but the last time i attempted to, 2 lizards jumped STRAIGHT out of the leaves and almost onto me, and i jumped back, and started sliding down the slope and almost twisted my ankle and died or something like that.
it freaked me out to the point that i wouldn't even get up on the slope anymore....
BUT, now that the leaves are growing so high up and covering the tall sprinklers on top of the slope, it's not watering the middle of the slope and now there's like a bunch of dead vines and tall weedy looking stuff everywhere.... and then, there are these tall random cattail looking things that just aren't very appealing, and well neither is anything on that area, except the beautiful flowers that are coming over from the old people's community....
but those aren't ours...
so i needed to do something so that when i pulled up into our driveway, i didn't feel guilty about having not been tending to that piece of grass/land/slope or whatever you want to call it....

i was in jeans and a tank and some little tennies earlier, when i decided i'd go up there and get this, now, tree thing of weeds out of there. i was going to shovel it out.... but instead i went with some tiny hand trimmers that would probably cut my finger off if i tried. those things are CRAZY sharp and ended up cutting down the tree thing so i didn't have to shovel it out....

i started sweating.
big time.
then under my eyes started sweating and i knew i was gonna smell like a stinky outside body so i just kept pulling and weeding and raking and before you knew it, i had a BIG "green waste only" trash can filled, and 2 large lawn bags filled ( i think they're the 30 gallon ones?).... there were all kinds of funky insects out there, but half of the slope looks much better.

before i weed and chop and rake the other half, i'll take a before picture and an after.... however this "other" side isn't as bad as the one you would see when driving up....

oh well. i have one HUGE blister right at the base of my thumb. nice place for a juicy blister.
but i've got to say that i'm totally motivated to get out there and do the other side tomorrow.

this is the side that i did (not like perfectly, but it's a LOT better than it was.... there were like trees or weeds and cat tails and ugh....) the dry dirt spots were where the flower type vine things (whatever they were) had fallen over dead and started mating themselves with the viney plants that are supposed to be up there, if that even made any sense.... ha!

(not that is a 2nd flower tree.... there are 2 of them.... that's how long our slope is.... it's terribly long....)

here is the other side that still needs to be done tomorrow. bleh.

i am available for hire.... 100, no 200 bucks a blister.
jason's lucky i only got 1 today.... we spent about 120 bucks so far (got the bike seat for lewie and a little helmet, too cute), so i have a running credit of 80 more bucks to spend.... i think i want chips and salsa and a strawberry daquiri. =)

i'll let you know how that goes. ;)


Ms. Anthropy said...

Make mine a margarita and no, I don't do manual labor, but I can watch you. I'm a good cheerleader!

Stephani Nicole Anneler said...

Good Job!! I could never do yardwork, it's the one thing i refuse to do...Josh does the yard work and i make drinks for us and watch him lol