Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summary Sunday

today was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

but let's start with last night.... Taylor CHOPPED her hair off.
she wanted to donate her hair to "locks of love."
the only way she could do so, was if she cut it above her shoulders, which she was SO hesitant on doing....
i told her that if she didn't want to it was perfectly okay and that maybe next time her hair grew longer, we could donate it then.
"it's completely up to you," i said.
she sat looking in the mirror and looked back at me and said, with the most serious face, "if anyone says they don't like my hair i will tell them that i donated it and it was for a good cause, and i REALLY don't care what they think."

THAT'S MY GIRL!!!! all that i've been teaching her (that other people's opinions don't matter) FINALLY kicked in! honest to goodness, this was ENTIRELY her decision (we've donated her hair once before) this is the first haircut since then.

she is IN LOVE with her new do....
and then i sat back and realized that i just gave my 7 year old daughter, a 30 year old's haircut.... as if looking like a 12 year old 7 year old wasn't bad enough, now she looks like a 30 year old 7 year old....

With her new do, came a whole new attitude and level of confidence (and an accent).... a prissy one.... she is in Heaven....

Also, last night.... the lakers played.
This was the first night that jason decided to dress Lewie up in his little laker's suit that his sister had gotten Lewie back at Christmas, and also to wear his "lakers shoes" that he wears during the playoffs.

needless to say....
the lakers lost.

on to today....

the weather was just perfect.
yesterday we got a bike seat for Lewie and a helmet for him.
today, we all went on our first bike ride as a family of 4, and it was SO much fun.
Lewie's seat is on the back of my bike, because i'd like to get him out of the house during the week as well.
he had an absolute BLAST and ended up falling asleep right at the end....
i took the camera out there to take pictures of him and, of course, RIGHT when it turns on, it turns back off.
"change the batteries," it said....
"grrrrr i don't HAVE batteries," i said back to it.
i was really looking forward to taking pictures of "Lewie's first bike outing."

funny, how with your first child, the bike ride would likely have been put on hold.
child would have been loaded into the vehicle and you would have driven to the nearest store for 2 double A batteries, but with child number 2, a quick, "that sucks," and a "oh we have the memories in our head. we'll take pictures next time," and you're OFF on your bike ride.
so, no first bike ride photos of Lewie.

taylor went to watch her friend in an Alice in Wonderland play today, so jason and i went for chips and salsa, boneless buffalo wings and a few drinks at On the border's patio (while Lewie slept)
i love days when i get a few extra minutes with the hubby, alone. =)

while picking up taylor, i left my phone in the truck with jason and lewie.
i came back to find that jason had used MY phone and text messaged my sister with "Hey. I have a rash on my butt but i can't see it. can you help me when i come by?"

my sister's response?

Jason is CRACKING UP!!!!
my sister REALLY thinks i'd ask her to check out a rash ON or IN my butt???
we chuckled about that for a while.

earlier today, we had a conversation about our finances and how we've been doing a really great job sticking to our budget... we're driving through a parking lot and he's just going on and on about how we've come so far.... and i'm looking out the window (to the right), and i'm just kinda nodding as he's talking....
then he said something, that took a second to register, but when it did, i'd had a double take....

"you know, if we just keep doing what we're doing, we'll buy a home and fubu jerseys in no time."

FUBU jerseys?
i quickly looked over towards him, only to see something like this:
walking in front of our truck. (picture's from google, not my cell phone, unfortunately).
OH MY GOSH! i laughed SO hard!
he just said it so non-chalantly (sp?), maybe to see if i was listening?
oh man.
it was just a perfect image.... a guy like that walking with his "girl" and his "kid." haha.
what a COOL family!
too funny....

and then a perfect end to today....
Jason fires up the grill (his new favorite thing to do, which takes a few nights of cooking away from me.... NICE!)....

now if only Lewie would


Mainland Streel said...

I love it! Love Taylor's new 'do, love your cutie-pie Lewie (seriously, your kids are freaking cute!), and love the prank text! :)

Isn't it great how much days like this can make everything seem so much better? :)

Ally said...

I think her hair looks awesome. What a great cause. I was never much into FUBU but that photo is funny :)

Grilling is awesome!

Ashley King said...

@Brandi, thank you! i love her hair too. it DEFINITELY is taking time to get used to! i'm so used to having to brush her tangles out daily.... today was a much needed day. so productive and just made me SUPER happy! =) a perfect day to be outdoors for most of it.

@Ally, we don't like FUBU either. it was just SO funny how he casually threw that in there as if we DID like it.... and when i turned to see what the HECK he was talking about, there was this "guy" walking in front of our truck with a BIG ol FUBU jersey on.... jason was just seeing if i was listening, i'm sure. he would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER wear anything FUBU.... he's a plain white, black or grey t-shirt guy. not very difficult at all. ;)

and i absolutely LOVE when he grills. it's kind of my new favorite thing at the moment. i like watching him be manly.... ;)

Ms. Anthropy said...

The haircut is precious! (keep the gun handy) Sounds like a picture perfect weekend. Next time, have extra batteries so you can share more picture perfectness. I'll send you some, if they aren't in the budget. Now, what the heck is FUBU?

Ashley King said...

@Ms Anthropy. haha! FUBU is a tacky clothing line (in my opinion)... it stands for "For Us, By Us" (i think), and i'm just not a huge fan.... it was popular when i was in 10th grade, but people are still wearing it... google it. and then click on images. it's NOT very fashionable AT ALL! ha!


Her hair looks great! I might have to get my hair cut like that.... lol

Your husband can't wear those shoes for game 5.... Tell him to try taking off the shoes for tonight's game.... And if the Lakers win, he shouldn't wear them until the next round.... He should do it for Lakers fans everywhere!

Ashley King said...

hubby didn't wear the shoes and lewie didn't wear his outfit last night... although, i'm thoroughly convinced it's the baby outfit. hubby always wears the shoes and they win.... we only stayed up til halftime, then went to bed. checked the score first thing in the morning.... i know the real reason they won, was because i wasn't watching... whenever i watch a game, the team loses.