Monday, April 19, 2010

A. B. C. a little about me, Monday.

So, my wonderful fellow blogger Ally over at "Fourth Grade Nothing," had this and i totally snagged it because i felt like i got to know more about her from this.... it totally reminds me of those little "tag you're it" notes on facebook, but i do have quite a few followers who DON'T know me in real life.... so here goes....

a. area code: 949.

b. bed size: queen. although with the last name of "King," i think we should have a bigger bed.

c. chore you hate: i HATE scrubbing bathrooms.... showers and toilets.... and i do NOT like dusting. it's one of those chores that after you do it, it looks like you didn't even do anything. everything's all dusty again. bleh.

d. dog's name: Asia. i didn't name her. i got her when she was about 7 and already named. wouldn't have been my choice, but decided that since i wouldn't just go and change Taylor's name, i probably shouldn't change Asia's either.
wouldn't be fair.

e. essential "start of the day" item: Peppermint white mocha frap with whipped cream....

f. favorite color: Red. although i don't like WEARING red. i do also LOVE LOVE LOVE black, brown and beige.

g. gold or silver: silver or white gold. not a fan of yellow gold.

h. height: 5' 8 1/2" yes, i'm JUST under 5'9"

i. instruments you play: i can play alot. i'd say i'm probably the best at the clarinet (as that was my main instrument for most of the years). i did also pick up baritone, trombone, drums (a bit), trumpet.... i would LOVE to learn the piano and guitar.... guitar was purchased a few years ago.... a beautiful red one that still sits on the stand.... MUST LEARN GUITAR! =)

j. job: this is another blog entry in itself.

k. kids: 2. Taylor and Lewie.... betcha didn't know about them, cuz i NEVER write or complain about them.... EVER! ;)

l. living arrangements: in a 3 bedroom home.... with the hubby, 2 chitlins and dog. still undecided as to what i should do with bedroom number 3.... split the kids sleeping arrangement up and put them in 2 different rooms, perhaps.... perhaps, not.

m. mom's name: i call her mom, sometimes nana, as this is what the kids call her.... everyone else calls her boss. just kidding. paula.

n. nickname: when i was little, it was Wacko (given to me by my crazy older sister), dad called me Woosh (pronounced Wush, like bush.) i don't know where that came from. my mom used to call me "skinny minnie," although that would not apply now....Taylor calls me mom. Lewie calls me "dadada." jason calls me mama, hun, babeh, super sexy wife of mine (okay so not really) and everyone else just calls me crazy.

o. overnight hospital stay: yes, kidney stent at 35 weeks pregnant with Taylor. then the actual birth of taylor. then the kidney infection (thought i was going to die.... seriously), THEN the c-section for Lewie.

p. pet peeve: oh, i have a lot of them. jerkish drivers (just one of the many examples: speeding up to cut you off, only to slam on their brakes at the red light in front of you), when people start to say something and then stop and say, "nevermind." and you say, "no, what? go ahead." and they say, "nothing. nevermind." when something is CLEARLY wrong with someone, and you say, "what's the matter?" and they say "nothing." but then later expect that you "should have known something was wrong." always having to pick what's for dinner. weeds growing faster than flowers. dusting and then seconds later it not even looking like you dusted at all. getting all the way home before realizing they messed up your drink at starbucks, or your order at the drive thru, or forgot to put a grocery of yours in your bag. i, too, can go on forever.

q. quote from movie: "put dat in yo book." (dances with wolves) i don't watch a whole lot of movies.... and can't remember lines from them very well, but that one always stands out to me and always makes me laugh. (and is totally something i would wouldn't do.)

r. righty or lefty: righty

s. siblings: what if you divorced your entire family. do you still have to count your ex siblings? oh, i was just curious. but i have 2 sisters and a step sister and step brother, and a sister in law and 3 brother in laws or brothers in law, how would you say that? hee hee.

t. time you wake up: ohhhh, on average, somewhere around 10 pm, 1130 pm, 123 am, 214 am, 324 am, 405 am, 410 am, 415 am and every 5 minutes until jason gets up, then i'm finally out of bed around 630ish.

u. underwear: under where? under there?

v. vegetables you dislike: cauliflower. gross.

w. ways or reasons you are late: procrastination. i might start cleaning when i should be leaving. or think i'm going to "hurry up and write a quick post" and then end up leaving the house when i SHOULD be somewhere.... procrastination and poor timing.... *sigh*

x. x-rays: fingers, teeth, tailbone.

y. yummy food you make: hm... i was never much of a cook, and still really don't cook a whole lot of things, but a few of my favorites (and the hubby's) are my baked chicken, potato salad and banana bread (not together of course) ;) oh and chocolate chip cookies (yum)

z. zoo animals you like: not a big fan of zoos. a whole lot of walking through stink to look at a bunch of animals being held captive (I agree Ally), just to watch them eat and poop and look sad.... ohhhh if they could speak....


buymebarbies said...

P.- Absolutely!!! All of the same pet peeves I have!! DRIVERS!!!! UGH!!!

Pawpa always starting to say something and then saying, "nevermind." I think that was his passive/agressive way of saying something I didn't want to hear, but by me asking "what" gives him permission to say it, so I don't ask "what" anymore!! I don't really care to hear something I don't want to hear!! HAHAHA

Also, the fast food returns that you have to make to get the food you already paid for and then eating everything else that got cold while you were gone!!! UGH!!!

Thanks Ash for reminding me of all the things that bug me!!!

sarahjayne smythe said...

Hee! I love posts like this because I love finding out things. Very cool and thanks. :)

Ms. Anthropy said...

You are tall!

Shell said...

That nevermind thing drives me insane!

I do not like the zoo. At all. But, my boys love it.

Bossy Betty said...

Whoa! That's a lot of info. Thanks! I had a kidney infection too--same reaction here.

Ashley King said...

@mom. you're welcome anytime. i'm really good at being negative. ;)

@sarahjayne. anytime! i like learning new things too, so if ANYONE out there is just like me, it helps to make the person behind the blog a little more "real."

@Ms Anthropy. yes, i am the same height as Jason. (well, he swears he's a LITTLE bit taller than me).... i call B.S.... we're the same height. ;)

@Shell, heck yes. it drives me NUUUUTTTSSS! my mind goes on and on over about a hundred different things they MIGHT have said.... and then i usually start guessing.... i think the last time i went to the zoo was when my, now 7 year old, daughter was like a year and a half or something.... a long time ago. and i have no plans to go again anytime soon. poor animals held hostage.

@Bossy Betty.... you thought you were going to die too? i'm not even kidding!!! i remember my temperature being 105.9 (i remember that because that's a gangster rap radio station out here).... it stayed over 105 for 4 days before it finally broke.... it was awful!!!! i'm glad you didn't die!!!! you are wonderful! =)

Copyboy said...

I wonder if the previous owner had named your dog after the continent or the band. BTW...psyched you were a brassy gal. I played the French horn. Not a chick magnet instrument I can tell you.

Ashley King said...

copyboy- the previous owners were a married couple. japanese man. with a not japanese wife. he wanted to name her suki (which means "snow" in japanese but the wife said she had a hard time with "suki" (pronounced sue-key) how hard is that? anyway.... she picked asia. soooo, asia is named after the continent. ;)

about the brass.... i was always a woodwind, until the 7th grade, when i wanted to be in jazz band soooo badly.... that was when i picked up baritone (as they didn't have a baritone player).... and they needed trombone and trumpet fill-ins, so i started learning them all...

french horn. that's too funny. there was a french horn player in jazz band. his name was corey. he was definitely not one we all were after, however i'm certain no one wanted ME "after" them with my manly looks in middle school.... =)

Pat Tillett said...

Ashley and buymebarbies - I'm sitting right here. I can read this...
You want to know what my pet peeve is? Nevermind! No, really, it was nothing...


Hey! I work in the 949!

Not a fan of zoos? It's the only way I'd be able to see so many majestic creatures.... It sucks that their captive, but we'd never get to see a tiger otherwise.... Well, I guess there's television....

Have you been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park? The have a reserve in the back of the park... All sorts of animals running free on this great expanse of land that was recreated to be a replica of their native habitats.... We went there when I was 18, and we did this thing called Roar'N'Snore.... You spend the night at the park, and you get to go on a safari ride through the reserve.... We got to feed a rhinoceros and a couple of giraffes!

Ashley King said...

@ASBLACKASOBAMA, you work here, i live here! =) small world, eh?

i HAVE been to the SD Wild Animal Park and i did see the reserve in the back, however i did not do the roar n snore thing. sounds fun! although, i probably wouldn't sleep. i'm certain i'd be very afraid of some crazy animals attacking me in my sleep. tis why i'm not a very good camper and have only gone once, but would LOVE to go again.... i think. ;)

Ashley King said...

@Pat, you are the worst at this.... Jason, sometimes... You? allll the time.... lol....