Friday, April 16, 2010

as"King" Ashley anything.... that you want to know about you. not me.

okay, so i don't think that's probably the most appropriate name for the whole "ask ashley" if you wanna know something (but not about me.... i post everything you could ever want to know about me in my blog), but feel free to ask anything else.... i'll do my best to find an answer for ya!!! =)

i've been emailed by a few friends of mine asking my advice, or thoughts on certain situations.

it's inspired me to open this up for everyone.... i'll even keep you anonymous. =)

so really.... what should the name of this type of thing be?
"Ask Ashley" ?? (seems kind of UNoriginal to me)


Ms. Anthropy said...

Think I prefer "Ask Ashley".

Ashley King said...

i changed it. =)

but what else could it be called??