Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what does it take to get a pillowcase around here?

a dose of unlaziness on your part and about 10 steps to the linen cupboard.

ooooooooo burn....


Bossy Betty said...

OH no. We must nip this in the bud NOW. Pretty soon he'll think he gets equal closet space.

Ashley King said...

haha! there are many things my husband is serious about.
this was not one of them.
i think the reason we are happy together is because we laugh so much together.
i'm not a very easy person to be around at times.
i know that.
but if you can make me laugh in the midst of one of my grumpy moods, you've broken me down.
or if HE did something that upset me, he comes up and says "honey i forgive you." and we both laugh.... i'm usually not mad at him for long. =)

needless to say, he nearly got a pillow (and its case) over his FACE last night! haha.

Mainland Streel said...

I think you're right, Ashley... laughter in a relationship is what keeps it strong. :)

And I probably would have beaned him in the head with the pillow. :)

Ms. Anthropy said...

We don't laugh nearly enough around here!

buymebarbies said...

That's all Pat and I do is laugh hysterically at each other!!! It sure puts us in a totally different mood!!!

Ashley King said...

ms. anthropy... really?! it seems like there would be much laughter in your house.... well from your personality and your one liners.... =)

mom, i KNOW you guys just RIP on each other and LAUGH hysterically... you're adding many years of health and happiness to your lives.... =) even if it takes poppa half a day to do something.... like 2 hours... HA! that was SO funny!!!!