Friday, March 19, 2010

it's a peevin' (good) friday....

i can complain today... because today is friday, which means my husband will be off, and that's a good thing, and well when i complain, i will complain with a smile on my face because he will be home, and if i keep in mind that he'll be home, then i won't really be mad while i complain.

make sense?

but these things bug me anyway:

- people who cut you off so close that you swore they may have just clipped your car.... in fact when you park your car at home, you even check your bumper just in case....

- people who cut you off and then turn their blinker on (allowing it to flash once) just so they can say that they made the attempt. (ladies and gentlemen, this would be my husband, who then responds with "at least i made an attempt.")

- when lewie doesn't sleep through the night.

- when i FINALLY fall back asleep and then taylor walks in to my room and says in the most annoying voice you've ever heard.... "moooooom?"

- when my cereal gets soggy before i finish the bowl.

- when i tell Asia to go potty in the bushes and she acts like she's going to the dirt, but then stops on the sidewalk to poop.

- when i tell lewie to say mama and he smiles at me and gets his mouth ready to say mama, but then says "DADA!"

- when i dust the furniture and then sit down to enjoy freshly dusted furniture and it's already dusty.... wait, how did that just happen?!

- when someone asks "what can i do to help?" and then you tell them, and then they say "oh, i can't do that." or they just ignore you. then why did you ask what you could do in the first place?

- when i always have to decide where or what to eat for dinner.... can't anyone else just make this decision? doesn't like the entire world know how indecisive i am?

- other people's expectations of me.... that REALLY bugs me.... that if i don't do what they want me to do or the way they want me to do it, they get mad.... i mean, we're all guilty of this. but i just don't like when people do this to ME....

okay, so that's all for now.

on a much brighter note, it's friday. that means i have the weekend with my husband and kiddos and the days are expected to be beautiful!
jason said we could foster pups (big smiles).... but we can't keep any (and i'm okay with that).... oh and jason asked for a date night this weekend. =) that makes me REALLY happy. i love date nights with him. =)

what peeves you guys? BUT if you tell me what peeves you, you've also gotta tell me what you're looking forward to. ;)


Ms. Anthropy said...

Love this post! What peeves me? One word... EVERYTHING. One more thing you can look forward to... me not using your cute post, to make my VERY LONG LIST of those things. Have a fantastic weekend!

Ms. Anthropy said...

Forgot to subscribe to comments. Duh!

Ashley King said...

awww! usually EVERYTHING can bug me too.... but a lot of times, i'm the one person in the car telling my husband to not be mad at the guy who just cut us off and is going like a hundred miles an hour on the freeway because maybe that guy just got a call that his wife got into a car accident, then in fact, we would feel horrible for being upset with him.... i ask my husband if he would drive like a maniac if he got a horrible news phone call and he says "duh" and then i said, "well then don't be mad at that guy".... i'm weird... i'm very contradictory and can likely justify anything, although, i'll usually try to be as positive as i can be (but grumble under my breath about the same situation).... and i totally love hearing about what bugs other people, cuz i can usually say "OH yeah! me tooooo!" to at least one of their things... haha. =) you have a great weekend as well and try not to be too peeved!! ;)

Ms. Anthropy said...

I'm great at giving that advice to others, just not so great at taking my own (wonderful) advice.

Ashley King said...

i hear you on that one! =) i think we are all guilty of this (even if just a little bit)

Mainland Streel said...

I totally hear you on the people that cut you off! When I'm ripping down the highway and they speed past me as if I'm not moving, I get really nervous. :(

Peeve: People who are insincere really get on my nerves!

Looking forward to: Snuggling on the couch tonight! :)

Ashley King said...

ON MAN!!!! i COMPLETELY AGREE with you about the whole peeve!!!! INSINCERE PEOPLE DRIVE ME MAD!!!!!!!

awww i heart you... get all the snuggling in before popping out some bigheaded children.... then.... there is no time for snuggling on the couch.... LOVE IT WHILE YOU HAVE IT!!!! =) we can find a minute or 2 to snuggle, but then he usually ends up snoring after the first few minutes.... =)


Ooooh! Soggy cereal is a good one!

Jenny said...

Great post! I love that you list your gripes with a smile. It's the only way to do it!

Ashley King said...

@ASBLACKASOBAMA .... isn't it just the worst? I bought Crispix recently as my husband made mention about how much he likes Crispix. I don't know if i thought that he would eat it if i bought it (he NEVER eats breakfast) but i bought it anyway.... he hasn't been eating it, with the exception of one time and that was for dinner after we had corned beef and cabbage (and he didn't like it AT ALL!) it gets far too soggy, way too fast! ohhh back to my grape nuts or something weird like that for me... yum!

@Jenny, yes you are right.... there are so many things that could be worse. i just like to complain about the small peeves.... not the ones that drive you mad. =) it could always ALWAYS be worse.... quote of the day (everyday) "if this is the worst thing to happen to you today, i think you'll be okay...." i tell myself that constantly and it works! =)