Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cuss bucket.

okay, so i'm a bad mom.
i'm guilty and.... well.... a bad mom.
sometimes i use words, I very well shouldn't, and sometimes i do it around Taylor without even realizing it....
that makes me a horrible mom.
i know.
shame me later. (just not now)

jason, on the other hand, is VERY good about not using such words around the kids.
and then last night, he said something while we were driving home.
i said, "JASON!"

Taylor says, "Mom! YOU say bad words!"

I proceeded to argue that I do not!
she says, "YES YOU DO!!!!"
(then i feel like crud).
she says, "you should put a quarter in my piggy bank everytime you say a bad word."
i didn't say a word.
she then turns to jason and says, "dad, that'd be so cool. i'd have a car before i could even drive."



Pat Tillett said...

probably a Bentley...

Ashley King said...

ooooo that one hurt.....

....but probably not as much as my bank account will by the time i get done with this "bucket"

Stephani Nicole Anneler said...

haha she is so smart!!!! I think it's a good idea too : )

The Drunk Mommy Diary said...

I have wound up living the trailer park lifestyle after many misguided (self guided) mistakes and I have picked up the language . . . It is evident in my three year old's vocabulary . . . I completely commiserate.

Mainland Streel said...

Wow, she can sure deal a burn! I wish I'd thought of that when I was a kid. :)