Monday, February 22, 2010

questions to the mistress.

i called her earlier today, twice.
i called her once in the morning.
she didn't answer.
and then again around noon.
she obviously hadn't heard the news.
he's gone.
he's been gone.
for some time now.
she musn't befriend anyone mutual, or she would have known that by now.
my heart isn't at peace.
not with her.
or the other woman.
heck, maybe there were more, but those were the only 2 i could ever reach.
and i reached them both.
it's not my place.
sure, it's not my place.
but it wasn't their place either.
sure it's not my place to want answers, but i still do.
what goes through a mistresses mind when she knows a man is married, but continues to follow everything against what is right?
i want to know.
a big part of me wants to be the voice that no one ever had....
so shame me for wanting to know.
but i still do.
and shame me for asking what i want to know.
but i still will....


buymebarbies said...

Vacation to Lake Tahoe, 1981 with his brother and sister-in-law and many more times....

Ashley King said...

self realization of the day: that i am the nosiest person in the world, because i would be asking "who is this about?" no, my husband didn't cheat on me.... but this is a true story, and i did call a mistress. tsk tsk tsk.