Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake: Day 2

was a success.
I walked around the lake for the 2nd day in a row.
Not even going to lie, it hurt like heck, but felt good at the same time.
now, i DID end up craving starbucks afterwards.
I called Jason, and he said he thought that i should go treat myself to one anyway.
he said, "you don't want to associate working out with not getting to reward yourself, so just go get one. on any normal day, you'd have a venti one and you wouldn't have done any walking or exercising, so go for it."
so i did.
i planned to downsize to a grande rather than a venti, but hit autopilot mode once i got to starbucks, and ordered the venti.
didn't even notice until i got my drink that "darn it! i meant to order a grande."

while i was "waiting" for my drink, there was this older man (probably close to 60? white hair, heavier set, hawaiian shirt and jeans on) He kept looking out the window as if he were looking at his car or something. it seemed odd for the amount that he kept staring out. when he finally turned his back to the window, some young girl in workout clothes comes in with a crumpled note in her hand. she walks straight up to that older man, and smacks him in the chest with the note and starts cursing at him and smacking him. she gave him a good shove and he whispered something (my guess would be to calm down or something of that sort) and she yells LOUDLY, "NO!!! if you're a lying, cheating piece of _____, then everyone's gonna know about him!" *smack* then heads for the door, which she nearly breaks as she slams it into the brick/stucco wall on her way out.... AMAZING! the guy leaves Starbucks (and the 2 drinks that he ordered) and chases her out and back to his mercedes SUV. they yell and flail their arms a little more, before they both get into the SUV and drive off....

at least they both put on their seatbelts.... however i'm not entirely sure I would have gotten into the vehicle with a crazed woman after she'd just found a note like that. b/c if that were me (before Jason and Lewie, oh, i would've flipped out. it's been known to happen) MAN, i am thankful to not have that "stuff" anymore.... a good solid trusting relationship is wonderful.... and i DO thank God (and my husband) for that, most definitely!
so i just left a little bit less than half of the drink to throw away and ended up actually eating breakfast today. i don't know if that's a good or bad thing.... i'll let you know after I weigh myself....

today, right now.... on the scale, fully clothed and having eaten, my weight is.... 144.2.

i'm thoroughly convinced the extra .2 lbs is definitely muscle.... pssssh.
i'll keep ya posted.

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