Monday, February 22, 2010

moments i love #2: brownies and welts.

tonight was another good laugh.
you know, jason and i love chocolate....
fart oo much. ha!
far too much....
to the point, that if it's in this house, it's getting eaten.
i don't care WHAT kind of diet you think we should be on, that chocolate is SO getting eaten.
well tonight....
i go into the kitchen after dinner, and thought i could sneak a sliver of brownie without him noticing.
well let me tell you something about my husband.
nothing, i repeat, NOTHING gets by my husband.
i thought i got away with the sliver, and decided to sneak another....
when i hear pig noises coming from the living room....
it took a second to register, but once i was stuffing my face with the second sliver (yes SLIVER) of brownie, it hit me that he was making PIG NOISES from the living room.
i looked out and asked, "are you making PIG noises at me?"
he just started laughing hysterically.
it made me laugh too.

it reminded me of my dad.
and i laughed super hard.
so i get a big glass of water (to make me feel better about eating 2 SLIVERS of brownie), and i come into the living room.
just as i walk IN to the living room, he walks OUT of the living room and into the KITCHEN.
i begin making pig noises without even seeing what he's doing, because i KNOW he's going for those brownies (mind you, i'd already brought him a PIECE, not even a sliver, but a PIECE of brownie.... a CORNER piece too.... those are his favorite)
so he comes walking back out into the living room with 2 more pieces of brownies.
he tripped on something and fell onto the couch, where he started CRACKING up and INHALED a piece of brownie.
he's grabbing his chest, laughing soooo hard, and when he can finally breathe again, (although still laughing) he says "i didn't even get to TASTE that bite, i need another piece!!!" and he is laughing soooo hard again....
i'm laughing, so hard to the point my eyes are watery.
i asked, "what did you trip on?"
he says, "i have no idea. something just jumped out and bit me!"
and he INSISTS that he didn't even get to TASTE that piece of brownie, so he DEFINITELY deserves another one.

we love chocolate.
that's a given.
we love each other.
that's also a given.
i sure hope that our love for each other is stronger, because i have a feeling we're going to be old and fat and still eating chocolate brownies....

oh and while i was cooking dinner tonight, jason comes in the kitchen and wraps his arms around my waist... he kisses the back of my neck and pulls my shirt down (in the back, you pervert! to look at my back.... this goes hand in hand with the welts i've been getting for whatever reason lately....)
he softly kisses the back of my neck and whispers in my ear, "is that a welt on your back honey, or are you just happy to see me?"
immediately killed the chills down my arms, and had me busting out in laughter....
i love laughing with my husband.
it's such a wonderful remedy.
such a wonderful, wonderful remedy.

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