Monday, February 22, 2010

moments i love #1: a good laugh.

so last night jason and taylor were watching america's funniest videos.
i was far too antsy to sit down and watch or go to bed, so i decided to make brownies. so i went into the kitchen and closed the little slider door (you know the ones that like come out of the wall?) yeah, so that sliding door was closed and it was just asia (our dog) and i in the kitchen. we could make as much or as little noise as we wanted without interrupting their tv watching.
so i'm making brownies and was just going to surprise them.
i cracked egg #1 into the bowl when all of a sudden BAM AHHHH!
jason was banging on the sliding door while opening it and absolutely scared the LIFE out of me.
i'm pretty sure my face (or ALL of me) turned white and i jumped towards the kitchen sink (and window), and although i have absolutely NO idea where i was going, i knew i was going somewhere.
fight or flight.
i was fleeing the brownie making scene!
he laughed SOOOO incredibly hard (he and taylor both).
literally, he sat on the couch holding his chest from laughing so hard.
i held my chest too, but that's because i thought i'd suffered a mild heart attack.
my eyes were watering from laughing so hard! (and maybe crying a little)
i HATE being so scared like that!
but it made for a good laugh for everyone.
taylor says "dad, next time we gotta videotape mom and send it to america's funniest videos."
thanks for the support T!

anyway.... Taylor and lewie go to bed. jason's out in the living room, lying on his stomach.
i went and lied on his back and told him (in the sweetest voice possible) to do pushups with me on his back. i was tickling his neck, and annoying him beyond words.... he couldn't stop laughing and everytime he'd turn his head, i'd whisper in his other ear. "come on honey. do pushups."
he acted like he couldn't breathe (or maybe he really wasn't acting).... he said "i.... can't.... breathe.... " lol. it made me laugh.... so i got off of him and laid on my stomach next to him and said, "come on honey, do pushups with me." he said "i can't. my wrist." (he broke his wrist years ago right before going on a surfing trip. BUMMER!) his wrist still bothers him today. =(

so the oven goes off and he jumps up and we both go to the kitchen and cut little slices of brownies and eat them. he then goes for seconds. i said, "honey, we should really work out together." he looks at me, and asks "you mean, instead of eating (*stuffs his face with the brownies*) brownies in the kitchen together?"
we just laughed so hard.
oh it was one of those moments you just had to be there.... his timing was perfect as he shoved the 2nd helping of brownies and edges in to his mouth.... i love my husband.
i really do.
i think we'd have a lot of fun working out together....
if we could just find some time to do that.... that'd be fantastic!
oh and new bikes would be even better....
so... i guess new bikes are what's up next!

to many more treasured and shared laughs with my lovely husband. =)

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