Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ginger, man hair, and the food police.


the ginger shampoo has been working wonders on my super ultra dry scalp.
am i the only person in the world who has the dryest scalp EVER?
i hate it!!!!
buuuut, at THE BODY SHOP (in the mall), there is this ginger shampoo that has been working wonderfully! i love it.
although it's a bit pricey, it works! so.... if you have a dry scalp, go try it. it works!

man hair.... am i the ONLY person in the world who pretty much dislikes every razor i've ever used? the only ones i seem to like are jason's. but i'm sure he doesn't want me using his razors. but then again, he'd have no idea if i did, but i wouldn't do that to him.... but i could buy my own razor head thingies and just use his and switch them out when i want to use it, but that's too much.... or i could just buy one of my own.... but do girls really use guys razors? oh i don't know. are my legs really as prickly as a man's face?? oh heck. does anyone have a razor that they absolutely LOVE? i have the venus breeze right now, and i'm not a huge fan.... soooo.... i'll be looking for a new razor soon. =)

the food police....

i said i was going to start walking in the mornings, so that i can HOPEFULLY get better much sooner. and so that i can lose some of this extra weight.... never once did i say i was on a diet. so tonight, after making chili and cornbread for dinner, and drinking a whole bunch of water... i made dessert. and the only reason i made the cinnamon rolls was because the expiration date was approaching quickly... i didn't want to waste them.... so i made them. my lovely husband comes in the kitchen and says (in the sweetest voice EVER) "is that part of the diet honey??" and he kisses my shoulders and my cheeks.... my response was, "i said i was going to walk, not diet!!!!" he said, "sounds like what i said to you earlier...." (about going and getting the starbucks after walking).... i just thought it was kind of funny. i am self conscious, but i'm not going to make myself miserable by "dieting" and cutting EVERYTHING out that i like.... soooo, needless to say, we all enjoyed a very scrumptious cinnamon roll!!!! YUM!

Jason is now asleep.... he has been for the past half hour.... the lights are out and i'm lying in the living room.... listening to lewie cry in the room.... sometimes it really doesn't bother me, other times, it does.... now is one of the "other times." his "voice" is highly annoying and nothing sounds better than my pillow right now.

oh another side note, my armpit is pretty much all healed. the gaping hole is closed and doesn't make that almost slurping sound after i shower. GAG!!!!! oh that was SO gross.... i decided against posting the picture.... after Poppa INSISTED that no one wants to see the hole.... i would LOVE to see something like that.... but then again, he says i'm weird.... i don't think so.... but maybe....


Jenni Newman said...

You love gross nasty things like that and that's why you belong in a hospital! HA HA I don't mean as a patient but working in a hospital! Go watch life in the ER or one of those trauma shows, i think they were made for people like you. Yea, don't post it but I'd probably like to see a pic of it when i come visit just so I can tell you how gross you are! =)
I use a man's razor. They are so much better!

Ashley King said...

i'll totally show you the picture when you come visit.
it's SICK!
okay good!
maybe i WILL get a man's razor then.
i hate all these funky little fufu razors.. =)