Monday, February 8, 2010

just "hangin' in the park.

So yesterday was superbowl day and not anything i was overly excited about watching.
for whatever reason, I just got in this mood, where i felt like being outdoors in the crisp air, sitting and watching my babies play.
so while jason watched the game at his dads, me and the kiddos went to the park next door.
i hadn't planned on doing this, otherwise i would have brought my camera along.
but we went. and i was swinging with lewie on the big swing for a bit.
it's so funny how he'd arch his back everytime we'd swing forward, and he'd gasp everytime the wind would blow in his face.
so i put him in the little baby swing and sat in front of him in the sand....
i pushed him back and forth for a little while....
he didn't arch and gasp as much....
instead he was making little tooting noises with his mouth.... drooling everywhere at the same time....
he enjoyed swinging.
we watched "sissy" (taylor) swing next to him, and go down the slide a few times too.
Lewie also laid his eyes on a little boy with a quad.
he watched the boy ride around and around and around.
he turned his head to follow the quad.
i think i even heard him tell grandpa he wants one of those.... ;)

wish we took better pictures than just "mobile" ones....
but i suppose mobile ones are better than NO ones.

p.s. daddy dressed this poor boy in his 2T (black) sweatpants and brown and grey and red onesie.... oh lewie.... i fell in love with your dad when he was wearing the last of his clean (and very unmatched) clothes.... he told me, (much later on), that he was so embarrassed to be coming over in the clothes he was wearing, but decided that he'd rather come over in clean unmatched clothes than dirty ones.... and he said that if i didn't like him for the clothes he was wearing than i was far too shallow to be with him anyway.... i guess it all worked out.... i still love him to pieces.... =)

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buymebarbies said...

AWWW, true love has no looks!!! Well, sort of....