Monday, May 3, 2010

squidward and i.... we've got a lot in common.

Taylor: "Mom, what does claustrophobic mean?"

Me: "it means you don't like being in small spaces. you kind of freak out. like in an elevator or something, or a box. or in a group of a bunch of people all smashing you like a sandwich."

Taylor: "Squidward is claustrophobic, Mom." (squidward is a character from spongebob)

"Speaking of squidward, mom, we really gotta take your clarinet out and you gotta teach me how to play it again."

for those of you who didn't know that i was in the marching band in high school: (i'm the upper right hand corner.)

Squidward ALSO plays the clarinet.... funny how her little mind works....


Ms. Anthropy said...

They do come up with some doozies!


lol.... You don't have a devious little sponge friend, do you?