Sunday, May 2, 2010

holy rollerbladin', steppin', jumpropin, bikeriding machine.

i think i've found the key to exercise.
i've GOT to switch it up.

new find yesterday.
if you want to find out WHERE you need to lose the chunk.
with both feet together.
you will jiggle in places you didn't even know existed.

i put my bathing suit on and THOUGHT i was going to go in the back to lay out....
and then i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized that SITTING in the backyard would not be nearly as productive as doing something like working out.
so i put my clothes back on and decided that i was going to go ROLLERBLADING!
yes, rollerblading!!
but i'm talking like skate depot style, because i didn't want to battle those up and down hills in ROLLERBLADES (and because lewie was taking a nap.... and because my front wheel is so worn down from me using it as a brake in the previous years of my rollerblading prime, and my actual brake was pretty worn out too.... and, well, because WHO ROLLERBLADES ANYMORE?!) me.

but only as of yesterday. these are the same rollerblades i got as a birthday or Christmas gift in like 7th grade.... and yes they still fit.... and nooo, they're not cool. jason was sitting on the back of the truck watching us ride around our cul-de-sac like we were at some skating/bikeriding rink, and he said, "when did you get those rollerblades?" i said, "ohh like 7th grade..." he says, "those are the expensive kind!! i couldn't ever afford to have those kind." awwwwwwww.... my poor honey!!!

okay, sorry, i get so mushy over my husband. don't you guys know that by now?

so i'm making these crazy 8's around the circle, and my thighs are totally burning.... and i do this until i can hardly breathe.... and my ankles start hurting, because i have skated in YEARS.... and so i put my tennies on and decided that taylor and i would now have a jumproping competition.... she jumps first.... she got to about 24 jumps, then hands it over to me.... i got to 47 jumps. everytime i jumped, i thought about all the jiggling that was going on, and thought i was going to pee my pants.... so i think i just purposely stopped at 47 jumps.... then taylor gets to like 17 before it got caught on her foot. then i jump to like 87.... and then stop.... and my eyelids were sweating... holy cow.... i think all of our jumping got jason interested to see how much he could jumprope and so he jumps with us.... and he totally shows off and got the rope around his head like three times with one jump.... taylor and i jumproped around the cul-de-sac to see how many times it would take to get around. i DIED laughing, and thought i was going to fall over.

AMAZING how much energy kids have!!! i'm pretty sure my neighbors got a goooood laugh at watching me attempt to play with Taylor.

i think the key to keeping me active is switching it up a bunch.... this could be fun....
or dangerous.


Ms. Anthropy said...

Last time I tried to jump rope, I couldn't do it! Forget roller blading. At my age, it takes too long to recover.

Pat Tillett said...

I am so tired after reading this!
It's been a long time for me also. They are probably buried in the bottom of the closet.

buymebarbies said...

Well, I did have a very nice pair too, UNTIL Pat asked me why I still had them!!! So I don't have them anymore.... ;-(

Mainland Streel said...

Ha ha, I'm too terrified to rollerblade in St. John's, because the downtown is sooo hilly. I'm not very good at stopping. :/

I bought a really expensive pair a few years ago when I had money to burn, and I think I only used them once. Ack!

Congratulations on your exercise adventures! I should really join you (she says, as she shoves cheesecake in her face...)


We need a Pat v. Taylor jump rope contest....

Pat Tillett said...

She would probably talk me into betting on it. And I'd lose...