Thursday, September 3, 2009

a whole lot of nothing important....

I lie here (in a half sitting position) with chapped lips that I keep licking every now and again to soften them up (yes I know this only makes them worse) but I'm really in no condition to move from this warm place I've began nesting in for the night.... Little shark man's snoozing on me.... (He was asleep and then woke up.... Wasn't terribly agitated, but I didn't want to wait for him to get to that point. I'd just taken my glasses off, after dimming the light, and crawled into bed (hoping to get some waaaaaaay overdue snuggle time with the hub). Yeah, literally that lasted 2 seconds....

I think someone messed with the thermostat because I keep it set at 78 and the a/c keeps kicking on and it feels much cooler than 78 in here.... But then again, it was 90 degrees at 830 tonight. What the heck is up with that?! Really?! 90 degrees at 830 at night?! LAME!!!!

So the shark man was a good pretty good boy today! He went back to sleep at 1030 this morning (which is unheard of!!!) And slept until 130. He woke up for about an hour and went right back to sleep (which is when I actually took a nap with him) I haven't been napping with him at all during the day because (well 1. He hasn't even been napping, and 2. That's the ONLY time I feel like I'm able to get stuff done! Why would I waste it sleeping?)

Anyway.... I took care of some medical bill stuff and made a couple of important phone calls that needed to be made.... (This was done during morning nap) Then mom called and asked if T wanted to come over and swim with them.... So she came over and picked her up. (And then I took a nap w the shark) that was a super nice nap (even though I woke up completely soaked on my chest because he was sweating on me).

Jason just raised his arms in his sleep.... Is it weird that I can smell EVERYTHING? And no, that's not meant in a bad way at all! He always smells sooo good! His deoderant smells like men's cologne.... Yeah I'm weird and a little obsessed with smells.... (Not always a good thing) I can smell EVERYTHING from a mile away. He laughs at me for this..... Not funny.

Tonight, we decided to go get T's school supplies (since I haven't left the house at all today). So when Jason got home and showered, we went to Target (but ate some YUMMY thai food right before that.... YUM!) We got about half of the stuff needed off of the list they gave us, and MAN was Target a mess! (But I noticed they've extended their hours by 1 hour.... That's nice)

Tomorrow is my 6 week follow up appointment. It's amazing to me that he's already 6 weeks old! (7 on monday) NUTS! He doesn't even feel like a tiny baby anymore, and I actually felt kinda sad when I realized that the last picture I have with him, are the ones from the hospital! Booooo! Way to go! So today, I made a mental note to make sure we get pictures taken together. No guarantees that'll actually happen, being that I can't remember ANYTHING else in the world.

So back to my follow up appointment.... I'm a bit nervous and I don't even know why.... There's absolutely nooo reason to be, but I just don't like drs.... Especially male ones.... Whatever. My issue, not yours....

Had some major self realizations today.... None that were very exciting but rather depressing and kinda made me feel like a little (okay, BIG) wuss. Dr phil!!! Oprah!!! (Haahhahahah! White chicks, hilarious by the way)

Oh, a little waaaay off topic, but I was wondering.... If you can call the homeowners association for a barking dog (even though that's what a dog does, not so much MINE, but dogs in general).... Can you call the homeowners association for a crying baby (I mean that's what a baby does, but either way it's still disturbing the peace right?) Cuz the barking dog letter was a bunch of you know... While if I got a screaming baby noise letter, I'd understand it a little more.... I think that's kinda funny, but I'm kinda very serious....

Anyway.... You didn't remind me to order my contacts today, so if anything happens to this very last pair I'm wearing, I'm blaming you... Yes, all of you, b/c not one single person reminded me.... And I asked you to. ;)

Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow....

T's birthday is comin up soo fast! Gonna have a big 7 year old second grader! I canNOT believe it!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Slow dooowwwwnnnn!!!!

Good night!

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