Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chicken and slice and everything nice....

This morning.

He's screaming again.... Am I completely setting my poor soon to be babysitter up to be doomed? Will he be this way with her alllll day, every single day? Oh, I sure hope not, or she might fire me!! I don't know what to do! He only finds comfort in eating.... Eating until he poops his poor little brains out and then pukes his cottage cheese looking vomit all over me.... That's not right! Something's not right!!!! After holding him in my arms for about the maximum amount my poor eardrums could take, I decided I'd lay him in his bassinet and let him cry it out.... I went into the living room and found myself HIGHLY productive today!!!! I used the anxiety I felt from his increasingly higher pitched screaming, as my fuel.... It was like the louder he would scream, the faster I found myself scrubbing the dishes, the counter, the table.... I was doing laundry. Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat. Again.... And again.... Our house was lookin' niiice! I'd keep checking on him to see if he'd take his binky (pacifier). Nope! Didn't want it.... So out I'd go again.... I even brought the vacuum upstairs.... I pushed through the tenderness in my stomach because, at this point, I figured I'd rather have a clean house with a tender tummy (and a happy hubby), than a dirty house and a headache (and ringing eardrums)... The payoff was worth it.... At least today it was....

Side note: it's 1030 at night and our house phone is ringing.... I'm sure it's the wrong number (and I'm not running out to the living room to answer it), but I still got that eery feeling in my stomach and it made my forehead sweat (I HATE scary movies.... And if anyone's ever seen "when a stranger calls," then you know just why I got all sweaty.) YUCK! Grrrr! I'm such a wuss!!!!

This afternoon.

Anyway, back to today.... Taylors uncle ralph came by today... He wanted to spend some time with her.... They went to lunch and upon him bringing her back, he brought me a venti starbucks!!!! That being the 2nd thing to enter my system today (the first being a nutrigrain bar at 2 pm), it was like a MAJOR energy boost.... Oh, I left out the part how he began screaming sooo frantically while they were out to lunch, that I wondered if he were in some terrible kind of pain. So I called the dr. Explained everything....(By the way, she said he'll be okay.... Doesn't think we overlooked anything. He gained 3 lbs in 3 weeks when he only needed to gain 1.... Keep on going with our plan from monday, and call her if he gets a fever back) so I gave him his mylicon and tylenol and like that.... He was out! (I was still so scared to move an inch because this is what he's been doing for days! You think he's out until you move, or walk away for 5 minutes.... And then WAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!) But I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.... He slept until 715 tonight!!!! 5 hours dude!!!! That was GOLDEN!!!!


We had a great night (minus the part of me nearly severing my middle finger off on my left hand) okay so not really severing, but I'm not even kidding, I thought I was going to pass out. I was slicing up a stick of butter and not using a cutting board (and WAS using a reallllly sharp knife) and cut right into the tip of my finger! I thought I was going to need stitches, but maybe I just don't like cuts on myself! I just ran it under cold water with a papertowel on the tip and squeezed it like crazy with my right hand.... Jason grabbed ice and then wrapped up my finger while singing to me.... "If you're gonna be duuuummmb, you better be tooouuugh!!" He was laughing, I was laughing (and giving him the stink eye secretly!). So we had a yummy dinner. Baked chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls.... Yum! (Oh AND I got T to eat her green beans tonight, thank you very much! It only took 3 dinner rolls to make it happen. Ha!)

After dinner, T and I were telling jokes while Jason was feeding the shark.... Oh man. Maybe I was just delirious (is that even how you spell it??)at this point, but T and I were cracking up!!!!

Tiki: "knock knock"
Me: "who's there?"
Tiki: "nobody."
Me: "nobody who?" (As I'm looking at her)....
She sits there.... Silent.... Staring back at me, half cracking a smile, looking like she's ready to burst out into laughter!!! It took me a second, and then I just started laughing!!!!! She said "NOBODY'S THERE MOM, DUUUUHHH!" Ahahahahahaha!!!!

I won't repeat the joke I said, because it wasn't very funny, but we were all crackin up then....

Then daddy chimes in.... "What's black and white and red all over?"
Tiki: "ohhhh, I know this one, but I forgot...."
I'm just sitting there thinking "a bloody zebra?" But I didn't say a word....
Daddy: "the newspaper duh! Its black and white and read all over."

T: "what has 8 legs, 3 heads, and 4 arms?"
Me: "an alien? I have no idea."
T: "you and dad on a horse!"

T; "how do you make time fly?"
Me: "give it wings?"
T: "throw a clock out the window!".
we start laughing again....
She said, "I read that one in a joke book awhile back.".

Sometimes, it's like talking to a friend.... She's so funny.

T: "what kind of soda talks?"
Me: "I have absolutely noooo idea."
T: says "Talk-ter pepper."

I laughed and asked her, where'd you hear thaaat lame one? She said "I made it up!" (She drank a little bit of dr pepper with her dinner and looked at the can while we were telling jokes.) She's pretty good.... We had a good laugh....

It made for a good night....
Poor daddy was so sleepy (normal).... T complained about getting ready for bed (and she even tried to take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them just to kill time.... WOW!) And of course comes out to complain about her stomach hurting (this is also normal when she doesn't want to sleep)....

Packed Jason's snacks and vitamins for tomorrow. Took the dog out again. And am now right here. Right now.... With a super wrapped up middle finger, and my 2 snoozing boys.... Again.... I wish we had a king size bed.... Then T could come in and we could just have a big slumber party. Ha! Okay so, really.... Our queen bed's just fine with me and I really can't wait til our little man is old enough to sleep in another room.... Which leads me into my thoughts about a house....a 3 bedroom house.... Ohhh the dream.... It will be nice when we have that one day.... Keep on dreaming until they become a reality!!!! That's what I'm doin!!!!

I am going to take my eyes (I mean contacts) out now.... Remind me to order some more contacts tomorrow, would ya?

Good night....

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Jenni Newman said...

I would have loved to of been a fly on the wall to hear Tiki, she's cracks me up!