Friday, September 25, 2009


i like the way harleys look. 
don't get me wrong.
but they are NOT meant to be in a condo community.
these GUYS who live to the left of our patio (and all his friends), have harleys.... and they ALWAYS meet up at his condo.
ha! no seriously! 
it's terribly horribly loud and sounds like they are starting up their motorcycles in our living room.... 
harleys should have a "silent" button until they are far away from here.... maybe like on the freeway or something.....
so... mr harley neighbor, yes, i realize there will be noise that i don't want to hear while living in condos, but can you please push your harley away from here before you start it? 
thank you. =)


Jenni Newman said...

Yes Mr. Harley my friend here is only asking you to PUSH your 1500 POUND bike 50 yards away! HA HA I'm sorry Ash but I don't think you're going to get Mr. Harley to honor your request.

Ashley King said...

no? you don't think so? haha. then he needs to invent a "silent" button. those things are SOOOO loud! or he should not drive it on this small, quiet property....

.... or maybe we should just move to a house. hee hee.