Wednesday, September 9, 2009

schedule. recipe. dimples. and Taylor.

i think i am FINALLY getting little shark man on a schedule here!!!!
he's been waking up right around 415 am in the morning.
i feed him and burp him and am done with that around 440 ish....
daddy showers.
i shower.
get Sharky back to sleep around 520 ish. (today was a little later, but only by about 20 minutes)
go make toast and am free until about 6 ish. 
get T up and pick out her clothes.
she goes to get dressed while i make her breakfast.... we sit down together for that.
when she's done, i go blowdry my hair while she brushes her teeth and hair....
by the time she is done, so am i.
i fix her hair and she goes to pack her bag and put socks on.
during this time, i flat iron my hair and put a little makeup on so that i don't look DEAD!
after that, i make sure little man's bag is packed, get him in his carseat and we are off!
i am really beginning to feel like an OC mom....
i'm not working at this time (maternity leave), always have major starbucks cravings (and have an infant that i drag with me to the drive thru starbucks right up the street, i am up, showered and ready by 630 in the morning now, i cook breakfast (never used to "cook" cereal or poptarts or whatever else was super easy.... now it's like eggs and toast or something).... i sit around thinking about what i'm going to do with my day now that taylor's back in school. once i'm better enough to actually work out, i'll probably end up taking a step aerobics class or something. which will REALLY make me a lame-o in the OC, right?
anyway.... so we get home around 815 am, which is a few minutes past his feeding time.... 
he eats 4 ounces, hangs out for just a bit and goes back to sleep. (this is when i went back to sleep with him today, around 9ish.... and we slept until just after 12) YIKES!
he eats another 4 ounces and stays up for about 45 minutes.... i lay him down on daddy's shirt and he fusses around for a bit, but puts himself to sleep now! 

i repeat, MAKIN PROGRESS!!!!!!


so, once he starts dozing off around 1-120ish, i make something small to eat and make the grocery list (oh yeah, totally forgot, Taylor and i pick out our "dinner recipe" at breakfast together, which we did today). so i made the grocery list of what we'd need for dinner tonight and i cleaned out the fridge (tomorrow's trash day).... and unloaded the dishwasher....

so far, so good, only now, taylor's out of school in about 20 minutes and it's probably already a mad house just across the street. yes, i must leave now (in fact, i should have left a while ago so that i'm not fighting traffic just to get into the stinkin parking lot.)

i had a grande starbucks this morning, and although i am craving another, i'm going to TRY to fight the temptation. ha! who does that? starbucks twice a day? i thought once a day was bad... but honestly, today was SOOOO hard to stay awake this morning.... i SOOOO badly wanted to go back to sleep (and rocking him back to sleep in bed was NOT a good idea) it made me want to snooze even more.... 

i know how repetitive i am, but i miss my husband.
i love his dimples. he has 2 on the left side and 1 on the right.... i love seeing them when he smiles.... =)

gotta get outta here.... can't be late for my lovebug! =)

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Jenni Newman said...

Ash, you're doing it! You're really doing it ALL! I'm so happy for you!