Saturday, June 26, 2010

can i get some sugar?

first night jason and i met up for a "date night" to the grocery store, yes, grocery store.... I was a single mom, remember? and USUALLY people don't want to meet up on a monday night for a "date," and well since i had the hots for him years before, and we were super anxious to see each other, when he asked if he could come see us, i didn't hesitate.
told him i had to go grocery shopping and was cooking dinner with T, but he was welcome to join if he wanted to....
so over he drives....
gets out of the truck and walks up.
"can i get some sugar?" he asks.

(mind you, this is the first time i'd seen him in 3 whole days, and when i'd seen him 3 days before, it was such small talk, and lots of nervousness (at least for me)....)

good thing i didn't hold that against him.... we wouldn't be married today if i did. ;)

he's adorable.
he said, "i had it all played out in my head about how our first kiss would be, and that's what came out."
good thing i don't kiss on the first date, SO that wasn't the story of our first kiss....
but i still love it anyway.... ;)


on to the real reason of this post....

Mr. DL Hammons over at "Cruising Altitude" has given me this wonderful award!!!! I think it might be one of my favorites!!! (and i don't even like pink!) ;) "The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award." woo hoo!
I'd like to think i'm all sweet and stuff....
buuuuuuut i'm pretty sure the family will tell you otherwise. ;)

If you don't already follow him, go check him out! He's got a great blog! He's linking up with bloggers in every state and has quite a few so far, if you are from one that he HASN'T linked up with, you should link up with him! =)

There are no rules attached to this award and i'm thankful for that!

Thank you Mr. DL Hammons!!!!

Hope you all have a super sweet weekend!!!! ;)


Ms. Anthropy said...

How sweet, congrats!

Pat Tillett said...

Oh yeah! You're a sugar doll alright... jk

Bossy Betty said...

OH. What kind of sugar did he mean? Congrats on your non-rabbit award!

DL Hammons said...

I'm gonna take back the award if you call me MISTER one more time!!! :)

Ashley King said...

@Ms. A, thank you! i like it!

@Pat, don't be jealous. i am ALL kinds of sugar doll.... quick 5 songs that popped into your head.

the only one i thought of was "pour some suga on meh!"

@BB, sugar. kiss. silly!

@DL, fine! Thank you Sir. haha. ;) it's respect. i respect you, that's all. i could just call you "homey." ;)

Pat Tillett said...

How's this...

“Sugar” from “System of a Down”

“Pour Some Sugar on me” from “Def Leopard”

“Sugar, sugar” from the “Archies”

"No Sugar Tonight" from “The Guess Who”
“Brown Sugar” from “The Rolling Stones”

Ally said...

Congrats on the award and I want someone to ask me for some sugar. Cute :)