Thursday, August 13, 2009

to you, sharpie writer....

This is a follow up to my crazy neighbor lady.... So since that letter was sent to us (which anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE doing something because someone threatens me or pushes me to do something) Jason and I have been suuuper careful with asia and having her outside.... We ONLY let her out on our patio at night to avoid the risk of her possibly barking at any freak of nature that might pass by.... Jason wants to handle things the right way and not stir up anything before we move (which by the way I don't know when will happen), while I, on the other hand, feel like putting asia on the patio and telling her to "get em!!!! BARK AWAY my crazy beast of a dog!" Haha!

Anyway.... The next day after that crazy woman of a neighbor left that nasty letter on our door, she posted 2 "anonymous" letters on the mailboxes for the rest of the neighbors to pretty much "rally together," because "us residents deserve better than inconsiderate dogs!" Oh this letter was very similar to the one left at our door.... Complete with a phone number about who to call to report the dogs to and all this. You know, if asia was really a pain in the butt, I'd admit it, I would. I would understand, but SHE'S NOT!!!! She is the sweetest thing who RARELY barks and if she does, it's for good reason! THAT'S WHAT DOGS DO!

Sorry! I keep getting distracted! So this letter has all types of typing and spelling errors.... (Which drives me nuts when someone is trying to sound like a know-it-all).... My instinct was to take the letters off and call the number to the homeowners association about our crazy neighbor who is sending out these harrassing letters to our doors and posting retarded letters on the mailboxes. Jason said to leave it alone.... (So I did.... But I don't ALWAYS listen) hee hee.... Okay but seriously.... today, one note was ripped off the mailboxes (and NO! I didn't rip it off) and then tonight, when I took asia out for her dump/walk ritual, I saw that someone had taken a black sharpie marker to the other one. They corrected all the incorrect spellings, and wrote at the top of the page "this letter is absolutely ridiculous!". Blacked out the telephone number and wrote "if you have a problem, why don't you be civil and talk to your neighbor about it instead of sending out threatening letters anonymously!". Whaaaaaattt?!?!?! You mean maybe I wasn't the only one to receive a threatening letter?! I LOVED that someone spoke up! I agreed that this letter was completely ridiculous, but kudos to whoever said something!!!! This is like a little mini soap opera. I feel like I want to set my video camera up facing the mailboxes to see who posts the next letter. Man, I have no life.... This is so incredibly lame all because I got boiling blood the other night from some psycho lady who leaves a mean anonymous letter at my door.... Whatever.... I'll keep you guys posted on this stupid lady saga if anything actually happens worth sharing.

Sharks back asleep now from his middle of the night feeding (which by the way, I'm STOOOKED he didn't stay up past his feeding.... Awesome!) So I'm going to take my half asleep self baaaack to sleep now after I drink a big glass of ice water to calm my turning stomach. It was probably all the extra grease from those amazing tasty burgers tonight.... YUM!!!! It was so worth it by the way....=)

To you, brave sharpie writer.... Thank you for saying what I was thinking, and for standing up to kathy bates. PSY-CHOOOOO!!!! Hahaha! Good night!

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