Friday, August 14, 2009

nuts in my head....

Nuts in my head
Is how crazy I feel
Nobody knows
Which act is for real....

Not sure even you know,
What ache is such pain.
Just hoping attention,
Is something you'll gain.

It's hard to look forward
When all that's behind,
Is everything fresh,
And on everyone's mind.

You cannot act sweet,
With great expectations returned
You'd think after nearly 30 years,
You'd have learned....

The world still turns
Although not around you
I'm sorry that's something
You'll have to adjust to

Sitting in bed, with my heart on my mind,
I searched for some answers I'd hoped I would find....

The anger that once transformed into rage,
Is controlled like a bat, or a rat in a cage....

The anger just comes to surface in tears,
For living through you
For so many years....

Your acting and pouting and manipulative ways,
Have me resisting your words
Every one of my days....

I don't know what is true, or what's make believe,
But your pain and your heartache,
I cannot relieve....

Nor can he, or she, or we,
It's a void....
Through all of the relationships you have destroyed....

I cannot fix those,
Nor can anyone else.
But then you have to see that,
Before you have any help.

Nuts in my head
Is how crazy I feel.
Nobody knows
Which act is real.....

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