Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  
It's Sunday, the 12th of April, and our first Easter spent together.....

another first?
me cooking an Easter dinner!
mom said she didn't want to cook, or hadn't planned on it this year.
normally, that would be fine, but it was the least i could do for Jason, was attempt to make him an Easter dinner.
Mimi suggested that I do it, and so.... i did!
i made a ham, baked beans, and potato salad!
it turned out okay for the first time!
the potato salad was my favorite!!!!
i can't wait for more opportunities to cook!!!!!
i think i'm finally ready to learn.
I think Jason is my drive behind wanting to learn. I want to be able to cook for him, and have something yummy for him when he comes home from those long, hard days at work! ick!

he is already asleep.
we got home not too long ago, and he was out almost immediately!
he isn't feeling well.
i HATE it when he's not feeling well.  it makes me sad. 
i just wish he could take a day off of work and relax at home and get better! that would be great! but wishful thinking. my husband NEVER takes off from work!

Last night, we went to mom's and colored 36 freakin easter eggs. we didn't end up getting home until almost midnight! jason and i were both tapped out and pretty much useless after 9 pm. 

tonight was a great experience. i did push myself quite a bit, because that's usually what i do. i am learning my boundaries and did most of the preparation sitting down at the kitchen table, because... well,  i just can't stand for that long!  it turned out all right.

we had plenty of leftovers, that jason dropped off at our new place. 

speaking of our new place, i sure wish i was able to help move. i would load up the truck and just move loads over while he was working!  i would help duncle d funk move the crap over and surprise jason when he got home, but i can't. and i hate that!   jason has been working soooo incredibly hard these past few weeks, and trying sooooo incredibly hard to accomodate my wants and needs. 

it's hard. i just can't wait for all of this to be over.... the move i mean. (and the pain).

speaking of pain, tomorrow poppa is having his surgery to remove half of his thyroid. i have been feeling okay about it up to this point, probably because he has been so strong about it. he just kept mentioning how he can't wait for the pre-op stuff tomorrow and meeting with his anesthesiologist and he can't wait for the warm blankets they'll cover him in and he'll get that little fuzzy feeling right before going under.  he is such a strong strong man. and mom, i don't know how she does it.  it's scary when you don't know the outcome of an illness.... those damn uncontrollables!!! 

anyway, i'll be seeing marie (one of my heroes) tomorrow early afternoon. so maybe we'll swing by the hospital first thing in the am, or later in the afternoon. maybe afternoon is better. we'll see.... taylor has spring break this entire week.  i feel bad for that also, because i am unable to take her to do anything fun and exciting this week. 

i have the opportunity to cuddle up next to my amazing husband right now, so i think i will.... 

will keep you posted on poppa's surgery.....
Good night.... 

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