Wednesday, April 1, 2009

21 weeks tomorrow.

20 weeks and 6 days today.... !!!! holy smokes! we're more than half way done! that's insane!  i stopped counting a while ago, because the time was going by SOOOOO slowly.... i'm about as big as a house.... here's a "20 week" belly picture!

work has DEFINITELY been keeping us busy.... today was my biweekly ultrasound and cervical measurement. cervix is still okay! =)  we had a grumpy old lady as our tech today and the SECOND she put the little thing on my belly to see our little peanuthead, he was doing somersaults!  he would not stop for half a second, i kid you not.  melissa took a super early lunch to come see her little nephew.... he is getting SOOOO big! it's INSANE! it's amazing to go every 2 weeks and see him and how much he's changing and growing. i think he's about 10 and a half inches long and about 11.5 ounces or so.... somewhere around there.... crazy that he's not even a pound and i've gained about 10!!! ICK! 

so much has been going on with work and our busy hectic life.... going to see the specialist this friday. he is certain he finally knows what's been causing me SO much freakin pain!  my pelvic bone is separating at the bottom (from too much relaxin- a pregnancy related hormone) perfect name for such a thing! 

we are still undecided with names.... jason says he doesn't want to decide on any names until it's much closer to the date.... he thinks i'm going to change my mind a bunch of times still... not true.... we'll see.... 

got news this morning that summer and nathan welcomed their little baby boy (absolutely beautiful) at 312 am. he was 7 lbs 8 oz. and 20 inches long! how perfect for them!  =)   

anyway.... uncle ralphy came home on the 20th from Iraq. taylor got a hold of grandma sara who called ralphy and told him to call us. since his gf works nearby, he stopped by this afternoon to visit taylor. she was excited to see him.  

we are able to begin moving anytime now.... i just wish i was able to move and lift. i HATE being restricted to pretty much NOTHING! i feel so worthless and helpless.... it sucks.  anyway.... we'll see how everything goes.... i'm going to start taking things over slowly.... uncle d said he'd help! =)  

jason is going to flip if i start moving stuff.... but i'm not going to sit back and have him move everything by himself. just doesn't make sense. 

anyway.... i'm off to finish cleaning a bit before jason gets home..... 

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