Wednesday, April 15, 2009

deja vu.

so today..... what a day....
april 15th.
a big day.
tax day.
moving day. (well jason and dustin are moving)
tuety might help.
poppa's going back in for his 2nd surgery to remove the other side of his thyroid. (surgery at 4 pm)
results came back a bit sooner than the 3 days, and it was cancer.
papillary thyroid cancer.
they feel pretty good about it, and he probably won't even need chemo.
just pills everyday for the rest of his life.
=( poor poppa!

cable's getting set up today at the new place.
we hope to be completely moved out by today.
we'll see.

melissa goes in for bloodwork and another ultrasound....
praying that all goes well for them.
her's is at 330.

and then jason and i go to our ultrasound. 
our super long ultrasound.
hopefully little peanuthead is still enough for them to get all the measurements they need from him!
he doesn't usually sit still in the ultrasounds.
our's is at 345pm.

we'll all be in some kind of medical building at the 4 o'clock hour.

i am praying that allllll goes well for everyone....
i really am....
what a day.
a chaotic day.
a part of me just can't wait for it to all be over, while the other part of me is trying to stay positive and enjoy these moments and not wish them away....

i hope all works out..... hopefully i'll be back later, if not, it might be a while.....

good day.

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