Thursday, April 9, 2009

22 weeks....

yep today is 22 weeks.... 
and today i've stayed home, doing absolutely NOTHING!
That was per Jason's request that i try a day doing absolutely nothing.
it was difficult, and i can't imagine doing this everyday, but i tried for today.

very sad news about Nick Adenhart's passing late last night/early this morning.
just brings forth the reality of life....
anyone can go at anytime.... when NO ONE expects it.
and it's SO sad!!
STUPID drunk drivers!

helped taylor with her journal entry for this week.
MAN! i am SO not good at trying to explain the "properties of a solid and a gas and the differences between them both" to taylor.
she was SO distracted and very hard to keep interested in it.
she kept wanting to give examples of a solid. 
the couch, her cd, a hershey's chocolate bar.
and then for a liquid....
water, chocolate milk, and on and on.... she has the right idea, but those aren't properties !!!!!!!

so i was sitting on the couch with my iced mocha, which tipped over and soaked my drawstring pants and underwear and all over the couch.... nice. 
i smell like coffee and need to shower.
Jason should be home soon.
I miss him extra today.... maybe because I actually feel halfway decent, and all i want to do is see him.... 
going to shower and make cupcakes.... 
i'm calling it an early night tonight....
i want cuddletime with my husband.

off to the shower i waddle.....

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