Thursday, July 1, 2010

"big potty"

i wanna get SUSHI wasted!!!!

friday night we're going to a yummy sushi dinner for my birthday (which is actually on saturday)....

and since last year, i was pretty much the equivalent to a pregnant, diabetic hippopotamus:

i could not eat sushi.... for a variety of reasons....

1. you can't eat fish while you're pregnant. jason told me this multiple times, and yet i STILL craved sushi, nearly EVERY single day. i even thought i would "sneak" over to the local sushi place for a solo sushi lunch, however the sushi chef said, "you not to have sushi. not good for duh baby."

"oh really?! then why aren't you a DOCTOR instead of a SUSHI CHEF?!" i screamed as i stormed out of the place.... (okay, so not really... "oh. okay," i said sheepishly as i ordered beef teriyaki instead.... )

2. IF i even ATTEMPTED to have a sushi face stuffing party, with or withOUT anyone else present, there was very little room left, (as you can see in the above picture). i would swallow about half of a bite of a spicy tuna roll, which would likely have become stuck in my esophageal sphincter, which would have then caused me to need the heimlich maneuver, which at this point in pregnancy would have probably caused my water to rupture all over my parent's super expensive flooring, which would have probably stained just like when my grandma spilled pepperoncini juice on it....

and 3. holy protruding belly button!!! if i even swallowed a single grain of rice, i'm pretty certain lewie would have been delivered via my belly button!!!

point is, i couldn't eat sushi last year.
on my birthday.
like i wanted to.
so this year, THIS year, i am going to get sushi wasted....
i'm going to eat so much sushi, that i'll likely wake up the next morning and not recognize my husband.

i was going to say "glammy would say," but this time it was another asian whose verbage is very much like glammy's.... and his name is Toshi. Toshi is jason's good friend who actually owns the restaurant we'll be dining at.... "Toshi's sushi." we called him to let him know we'll be in on Friday night, and his response?
"Big Potty Jay!!! Let's do diss!!!!"

perhaps i'll catch a video of him this weekend.... he's pretty awesome!

can't wait to potty with Tosh.
and wake up next to a hot man.
reeking of spicy tuna and soy sauce....


Danielle Cox said...

YUM!! I haven't had sushi in a while and you just made me want it!!! Have fun at dinner & enjoy your potty! :)

Ms. Anthropy said...

I prefer my food cooked, but hope you get sushi wasted to your hearts content and enjoy the heck out of your birthday! (which is one day after my granddaughter's)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I was wondering what to have for dinner tonight! I love, love, love sushi and thankfully there are several good places withing walking distance. If I put on my shoes now....I could be eating sushi in 10 minutes.
Have a fun sushi-stuff-yer-face fest! - G

TS Hendrik said...

Happy Friday birthday which is actually on Saturday!

I've never been fond of fish in general so I've never tried sushi. Friends have told me it's completely different eating sushi than say eating poached tilapia but I'm skeptical.

I suppose one day I'll have to actually break down and try it.

Marlene said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Eat to your heart's enough for two (you and me, silly)....cuz I can't stand the shit! I know, eh?!

Pat Tillett said...

I also have been craving sushi and sashimi...I will be there at 6:30 sharp. Maybe earlier to get a little tuna buzz going.
I'm going to eat so much that by morning, I'm gonna be sweating soy sauce like a friggin Chia Pet!

Sake to me!!!
(but no sake bombs)

see you tomorrow!!!