Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Weekend pt.1 Sushi Fest.

We arrived at the sushi place. I was hungry and had fully starved myself up to this point.
All of the cells in my body were shriveled up and starving at this point.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that half of them were dead.
(no Jason's not expecting. it's just something I do everytime we go to take a picture, weird huh?)
(the studman, with his hat backwards, ready to do some damage.... we were ready.... or so i thought.... and there's T. She's always ready to eat. and there's Buymebarbies!!)

(even Lewie was ready.... he unbuttoned his top button, thinking he'd let some of the chest hairs flow around in the wind like lots of the foreign men do, until he realized he didn't have any chest hairs, his gold chain broke, and he wasn't really foreign.)
There's poppa (Pat) advertising for the raw octopus legs (or something like that), and my younger sister (YS) and her marc anthony look alike.
(I'm pretty sure this was taken before I devoured 6 rolls to myself. i told you guys.... i wasn't messing around.... I WANTED SUSHI!!!!!!)
(buymebarbies and poppa tillett) love them!
my stud man and i. (not a soul in this world i could love more!!!!)
Pat and i. (we even joked about taking a picture for our blogs!!) seeeee!!! we think about you guys even when we are out to dinner!!!!
seriously, i hope my heart skips beats like this forever, because i am constantly falling in love with him over and over and over again.... look at how handsome he is!!! (happy birthday to me!!!! hubba hubba!!!)
taylor and mommy!! (and marc anthony's floating hand)
just like on jason's birthday, when they shut all of the lights off and sang, they did the same for mine. honestly, i just thought the power went out.... i was looking all around and the entire restaurant began singing!!!! so cool!!! (until the guy almost lit my hair on fire.... um, hello! that BIG SEXY hairspray is FLAMMABLE!!!!!)
Lewie started screaming as everyone sang and cheered.... so i made this face (above) to try to calm him down.... i'm pretty sure he just screamed louder.... and this picture was taken with our *old* camera (the flash is too bright) and therefore you cannot see the wonderful dessert plate that was made up.... (notice the wine glass is full. no time for wine; time for SUSHI!!!)
my beautiful mother.... it's the japanese genes that carry such beauty.....
oh wait, did i say something about beauty? i meant BOOOOOOTY!
THIS is what overeating will do to you!!!! i seriously only drank water to keep enough room for the sushi.... and by the looks on our faces, we were the only 2 who reached this point of craziness, and we were the only 2 who ordered enough to feed a starving family.... so, it HAD to be the sushi!!!! (our left eyes have a mind of their own)

I hope everyone has as joyous of a week, as i did weekend!!! =)

Thank you for all the "Happy Birthdays"!!!! Ya'll are wonderful!!!!


buymebarbies said...

AHHHHHH, HAAAAA, HAAAAA. Another great post Ash!! Not only does our left eye have a mind of their own, our right eyes shoot daggers!!! What a fun, happy night!!!

Marlene said...

Fantastic photos! Your mom is BEAUTIFUL. (I see where you get your looks from....heehee.) Ok, so enough kissing butt.....

Ms. Anthropy said...

Such a beautiful family and sister's dude DOES look like MA! Glad you had a wonderful time. Hope Poppa Pat remembered to give you my special birthday wishes!

DL Hammons said...

Happy Birhtday (belated)!!!!! Looks like you had fun. :)

Andrea said...

Aggghhhh!!! HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! It's been awhile & I've missed reading your blog!! It looks like you had an awesome birthday and I hope that you have many, many, many, etc. more! Happy birthday!

Ashley King said...

thank you everyone!!!! we had a blast!!!! =)

John McElveen said...

Haaaa Haaaaa You guys are Great!!