Friday, July 30, 2010

the world in silence.

in silence.
to the world all around.
in silence,
for life carries no sound.
eyes wide closed,
with your fingers in your ears,
to you, it feels like minutes.
to me, it feels like years....


Pat Tillett said...

That's really good Ms. King...
you are a 5-tool threat.

go ahead...

TS Hendrik said...

Wow, that is powerful.

Ashley King said...

@poppa, 5 tool threat? i am also ignorant, because i don't know what that means, but i'm guessing it is something good?? ;)

@TS, thank you my dear friend! haven't seen you in a while.... it's good to be back on here.... now if only i can catch up with all that i've missed!!!!

and i don't know that i should give the story behind this piece? it might ruin it.... but i'll go ahead anyway.... you can tell me if i ruin your guys' thoughts about it.... it's about 2 different people.... 2 entirely different personalities.... together. one person wants to talk a lot. the other not at all.... the other person is quiet.... about. EVERYTHING..... the waiting game for the one who likes to talk a lot feels like forever.... the "talker's" world is noisy and chaotic externally, while the quiet one's world is quiet on the outside, but ever so noisy internally.....

did i just ruin it?