Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day (32 weeks and 3 days)

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man I've known!
Not only is he the most amazing partner in the world, he is already the most amazing father as well.
from the very first day we hung out, watching him with taylor was incredible....
and he has continued to amaze me every single day.... 
brings me SO much joy watching the two of them together.....
his level of patience.... is more than any amount i believe i've EVER possessed.
his sense of humor, can lighten any situation, no matter how difficult or upsetting it may be!
his smile, and laugh are contagious! 
he can get us out of any bad mood we MIGHT HAPPEN to have.... ;)
he makes EVERYTHING better!!!!!
Thank you, JRK, for everything you've added to our lives!
Happy Father's Day to the most extraordinary man i know!!!!!
I love you!

on a side note, last night i dreamt about my dad....
sitting in his big blue recliner chair.
he was all smiles and laughing and in SUCH good spirits....
he talked about how nice an ice cold beer would taste.
it made me smile.
i remember telling him (in my dream) how wonderful it was to see him feeling so well again....
thanks for visiting me in my dreams, Dad.
I know it's so much better for you where you are....
i love you.

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