Tuesday, June 9, 2009

30 weeks and 5 days....

it's tuesday.
a bad day.
just bad emotionally.
today would be dad's 62nd birthday.
i hate staying home allllll the freakin time.
i hate that i can't lie in one position too long, 
because the second i rotate, it hurts.
i hate that if i don't take the sleeping pill, i can't sleep, 
but when i do take it,
i oversleep (and wake up at 727, when we leave at 735 to take taylor to school).
with awesome teamwork, we managed to pull off getting her out of the house on time.

now, it's nearly 1 pm.
i've had weinerschnitzel (and even shared with poppa)
and i am feeling a little bit better....
hopefully it just keeps getting better....

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