Tuesday, January 26, 2010

to all you "Haiters...." Part 2. (read the original one first)


Go google "earthquake in haiti images"....

so maybe i didn't get my point across the first time.

but after reading people's ignorant and thoughtless comments and posts about how "shameful" it is that America is helping Haiti in their time of need, I felt compelled to write about this again....

so, i apologize in advance for offending anyone, but maybe you should give it a shot and think it through a little more before jumping the gun and agreeing with such a RACIST and SELFISH comment.

one post said this:

Shame on you America--the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment - yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won't have the guts to copy and repost this

i mean REALLY??!! come on!!!! This may sound good on paper, and at a quick glance, it may even sound like something worth agreeing with.... until you actually put a little bit of thought into it.

have you ever sat at an "admitting" desk in a hospital? or tried reading any of the signs posted in a hospital? there are RIGHTS that WE as AMERICANS have.... we will NOT be turned away from ANY hospital because of insurance or lack there of. if a homeless person walks into a hospital, complaining of pain, it is OUR DUTY and OBLIGATION as an AMERICAN to tend to this "patient," this HUMAN BEING, for their pain (whether self-induced, imaginary, or even if they are a drug seeking patient) we are OBLIGATED to assess and tend to their needs and health. NO SINGLE HUMAN BEING deserves to suffer through ANYTHING!!!! If you've read my previous blogs ("lumpy love" to be more specific), you'll know that I stand behind my belief 150%, to the point that i will put my cheek to a homeless man's cheek and hold his hand while he passes away.... NO ONE, deserves to suffer and NO ONE deserves to suffer ALONE!

Americans forget that we have resources unlike any other country.... Haiti being one of the least fortunate countries on this planet!!! the people in Haiti didn't ask for this horrible earthquake, nor did they have any control over the happenings.... They are doing everything in their power to help each other. We have husbands and wives of AMERICANS who are over there (AWAY from their families, mind you), putting themselves in DANGER to save these people's lives... they are pulling them out of collapsed buildings, aiding to them, the exact same way they aid to our people here in America.

You know, the really terribly sad thing is that so many people here in America are in the position they are in because of a series of poor personal choices!!! They have chosen drugs and sex and prostitution over anything else, and that is why they are exactly where they are. MIND YOU, i KNOW there are many people who cannot help the position they are in, but WE HAVE THE RESOURCES HERE FOR THEM!!!! HAITI DOES NOT!!!! WHY do you think welfare was created? It was created to assist people and getting them back on their feet. Do you think that at 19, I wanted or planned to be a single mother?! Well guess, what?! I didn't!!! Do you think I stepped FOOT into looking into getting welfare? NO! and why not?! because of it's horrible reputation. instead i went back to work when Taylor was 5 and a half weeks old, so that I wouldn't have to "collect welfare." Many Americans lack ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY.... we probably have more excuses than ANYONE else in any other country....

Have you watched the news? It sickens me and saddens me and fills me with joy all at the same time. There are still people out there who are grateful for the things they have. Have you watched those Haitians jump for joy with their arms in the air when someone is pulled out of the debri? Glory be to God and our people for helping those less fortunate!!!! Glory be to God that there are still people out there who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and give when and where they can give!!!

These people sure are quick to shame America for assisting other countries.... for giving selflessly, and helping WHEN THAT IS WHAT WE ALL SHOULD DO!!!! I wonder what they're doing to assist ANYONE for that matter.... not just the Haitians, but those people who go to bed hungry, those homeless, elderly and mentally ill people they speak of....

So instead of bashing America for doing everything in their power to HELP another country BECAUSE WE CAN, why don't you stand PROUD to be a part of a country who is not nearly as selfish as yourself....

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