Tuesday, January 5, 2010

house update #1:

i'm not very patient.
that's a given.
so i placed a phone call this morning to know when we might find out about the house.... 

here's the update. 
the homeowner hasn't ever rented her house out before. 
she is moving out of state, to like Boston or something on the east coast.... 
her flight leaves on the 16th, and she'd love it if someone took over that same weekend.

anyway.... i called my guy and got his voicemail.
i called her agent (because i had a few questions i forgot to ask last night), but got his voicemail.
then i emailed my guy, who said he had called but hadn't heard from him. (not entirely sure he really called or not, but he DID after he got my email)

so i got an email response from MY guy:


Troy's mailbox is full so I just called the owner and put in a good word.

Her movers are coming on the 15th and she would be excited if you could take it the same weekend.  She is going to call the agent and review your package.

Will be in touch.

Supposedly there are a few other applicants....
so far that's the update, so we'll see....

will keep you posted! =)

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