Thursday, January 7, 2010

losing hope.

So, as of this morning, i still hadn't heard from either agent. 
I finally placed an email to my agent telling him that i'm not a very patient person, but that i've been waiting an extra day and a half from when the guy originally told us we'd probably know by....
i've received a few emails from our current landlord telling us that she has people who are ready to move in whenever we decide to move out.... even though, moving wasn't ever finalized. i told her it was just a "maybe" and that the other place had a few other applicants.
so then, after finally getting frustrated, i told my agent that there was another house i'd like to take a look at just in case we don't hear anything back from this other guy....

i called Troy (the other guy) and asked if they had any new news. 
he didn't. 
he said that they got another application for the house yesterday and that she was wanting to look over it, or it was incomplete or something like that. 
that leads me to believe, that she probably isn't content with just us just yet. 
oh well.
probably wants someone without pets, i don't know.
sorry. asia's a big part of our family.
can't go without her.

well, talked to my guy and he said that if we don't hear anything about the first house by this afternoon, then we'll go look at the other house later on....

and the second house is his own listing, so we're probably safe there.

anyway.... just thought i'd update you all....
i'm feeling a little hopeless today.... 

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