Monday, January 4, 2010

House Prostitution.

definition of house prostitution:
wanting a house so badly that you do not own, that you have to "sell yourself" to the landlord....

ohhhhhhhh so, not like LITERALLY sell yourself?
cuz i really want this house!

so you'd think that giving up the whole "purchase" idea for now would make things like 10 times easier and that renting would be a piece of cake.... yeah.... well try NO!
MAN! i thought we knew exactly what we were getting into, but boy was i wrong. 
okay so it really wasn't THAT bad, but definitely an entire day's worth of work to put everything together when you're dealing with an agent.
i wonder what the agent's get for renting a house.... maybe a few hundred bucks? you see, we've talked with this guy before, and it's a father son bonanza out here, and they sell a whole lot of places.... they are the big guys that sell the big homes, and even the not so big ones.... they have a great reputation, and they were going to be our guys to purchase... and they very well still might be.... anyway.... i didn't realize how putting together both applications, getting a letter of recommendation from the current landlord, or reference letter (whatever you call it), getting our credit reports together, copies of our licenses and all that good stuff.... it took a bit, and then we topped it off with a little letter about our family, and why we would be the best tenants for this house.... we'll see.
i am finally okay with either way. hopefully we get it, but if not (as there are a few other applicants), then that's okay. there will be more, and that just means we can save a whole lot of money while we are here.... a WHOLE lot of money. =) not going to lie though, i'd be at least a little bit disappointed if we don't get it.... just being that everything about it seems so perfect.... 
anyway.... i felt like we had to sell ourselves in the letter and that made me nervous.... usually, i know what i'm getting into and what people are looking for (like for a job interview, you know?) I mean, usually you have an idea of what to say.... today, i was near speechless.... like uuuuhhhh..... uuuuummmmm....
I said a prayer.... it's completely out of my hands. we did what we could, and it's out of our control and in His.... I am grateful for another beautiful day and parents that live close by. Now, if i could only find a way to get Mimi closer.... it would be perfect. =)  


Jenni Newman said...

Keep us posted! I'm sitting at the edge of my seat over here!

buymebarbies said...

AWWW, we were glad to help out and Lewie was an angel!!! Keeping everything crossed and that "the letter" works wonders.....LOL Yes, a plus to all this is if Mimi was closer!!!