Tuesday, December 15, 2009

she's crazy.

spiral winds,
turn funnels.
heavy clouds,
drop rain.
run around the outside.
i don't even know my name.
cows pass the window,
in my bed i lay,
wonder when the sun will shine?
wonder when i can play.
there goes the lady on her bike,
with that wicked, crooked nose.
looking over at me,
through my now broken window.
BAM i hit the ground so hard,
i don't know which direction's which.
i see the feet under my house, 
belonging to that witch.
asia's running outside now,
munchkins jump out singing loud.
good witches, bad witches, 
all around.
my phone rings
in the middle of it all.
i tell him what i've seen....
he doesn't believe 
all that is REAL,
he says it's just a dream....

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