Monday, December 7, 2009

the anniversary- #1

so we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and it was fantastic!

anniversary #1
it was a surprise.... he set it up and i didn't even know we were doing anything. it was wonderful.  time with my husband, alone, is always wonderful. =) 

Mr. Mom (dropping off the kids at Mom's)

"dress nice. and warm."

brunch in the harbor.  our view from our booth.....

a little bit overcast, but still a beautiful day. =)

we see this guy paddling through the harbor.... jason said that was some of the dirtiest water to be in....

love his face when he's looking at something....

i wish there was sound with this picture.... i love his laugh. =) 

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my love! i look forward to so many more wonderful years with you! (and cards in my pillow)  ;) you're the best! 


Jenni Newman said...

You did a great job capturing your day!

Ashley King said...

why thank you Jenni!!! =) i didn't want to forget it! =)

buymebarbies said...

AWWW, what a perfect day!!!!