Monday, July 13, 2009

playing a little catch.... up.

so, brief rundown of this weekend....
didn't feel so hot this weekend, so I, personally, didn't do much.
the hubby, on the other hand, and like he always does, DID do much!

Friday night he tells me that he has to go in to work on saturday morning for a few hours and that he wants to take taylor with him to the job site and show her all around....
so we tell taylor and she is SOOOO excited.
she knows how early jason gets up every morning, so we decide to prepare everything the night before.... 
we pick out the clothes and she gets to bed.... 
at 321 am, i hear her toilet flush. thought she was just going to the bathroom in the middle of the night like she does occasionally, but then her bedroom door opened, and then the bathroom door closed, and then she was talking to herself. i thought "what the HELL is she doing?!"

so i get up.... knock on the bathroom door and open it.... low and behold, she is fully dressed, sitting on the toilet with her checklist (a resource we made a while back to help her get ready for school and not forget anything).... all she needed to do was to brush her teeth.
i asked her, "why are you up so early?"
she said "jason woke me up."
now i KNEW that wasn't true, because jason does NOT wake up before me, and if he even turns over, i feel it. 
i said, "i don't think so hun. i don't think he's been up yet."
she insisted that he woke her up.
so i went back into our room and asked him if he woke her up. nope! he hadn't even been awake yet.
so i had to go break the news to Taylor that she was awake an hour and a half early.... 
she started to cry.... 
after hugging her through her tears (which by the way, i totally could have cried myself. i felt SO bad for her..... she was SOO excited to go to work with him), i took her back to bed and turned her tv on for her.... 
so jason gets up an hour and a half later, wakes her up.
she jumps up out of bed with SO much excitement to be going to work with him.
she asks "jason, is it 'take your daughter to work day' today?"
it wasn't any kind of day like that.
he just wanted to show her around the job before it's all done and over with.
they get there bright and early.... i get a phone call at 630ish am, and it's them.
they are eating breakfast on the building's roof in pasadena, looking at the mountains.... she was beyond THRILLED! she had her hard hat on, and was just loving life. she helped him sweep for a few hours and came home ecstatic!  
i love that they do stuff like this together! i really do! =) 

shane (jason's brother) had an all star baseball game at 1030 am.
jason got back a little bit later from work than he had originally expected, showered up quickly and off to the game we went. it was SUPER hot, so i pretty much sat in the truck with the AC on the whole time, which worked out okay, being that his dad's truck was parked just one spot over and they were all sitting on the tail of his truck.... i just couldn't stand the heat that day! what a freakin wuss!  

didn't do much on saturday.... wasn't feeling so hot.... sunday wasn't feeling so hot either.  we had exchanged the dresser we had originally purchased for baby.... which was a plain white one that was going to go into taylor's room.  after having looked in her room about 17 times and trying to imagine where the HELL this dresser was going to go, we decided that we should exchange the dresser for one that would match our bedroom furniture (dark black/brown color) and the other dresser that we have.... it would look more like a bedroom set, and that way if ever little man gets his own room or furniture, we could always keep the dresser and use it for us.....

does that make any sense?

so anyway.... we came home, shut all the windows, doors, lights off, blinds closed, EVERYTHING! and turned on the AC and it felt SOOOO wonderful!  i went to lie on the couch and jason put the dresser together in the living room.... oh i love that man!  he did a GREAT job! usually he gets frustrated or just wants to be done with it real quick, but he put it together quick and wasn't frustrated and it looks great! thanks daddy!!!!   i opened a few packs of diapers we have had for a while, and started organizing the dresser.... tiny diapers, ointment, wipes (thanks jenni!), everything began filling up his dresser. i started some laundry last night.... his gowns and onesies and on and on.... we gotta get our bag packed!!!! 

we delivered the papasan chair to his other brother (steven) this weekend.... which made room for where the crib is going to go.... still haven't decided if we should just put that up right now, or wait a bit.... probably end up putting it together now.... so.... i'll take pictures of the progress that's made.... =)

our weekly dr's visits start tomorrow.... we no longer have to go for the cervical length, as we've made it far enough.... YAY!!!! hopefully i go in tomorrow and he tells me that i'm dilated to like 7 cm and i need to go to the hospital right away. haha! yeah! in my dreams.... =)

now off to somehow try to KILL this heartburn.... DANG! i NEVER got this with taylor. the heartburn, no. the separated pelvic bone. no. the pain from the position (breech). no.... this little monster's going to be a pain in my freakin butt!!!! i can only imagine!!!!

i will be back with more updated info (and pictures) soon.... =)

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