Sunday, July 5, 2009


So.... A lot went on this weekend.... My birthday on friday, which was a great one! (Will explain in a moment) 4th of July on Saturday (one of, if not my favorite holiday), and then a beautiful sunny Sunday, going to get a massage and spend the whole day with my hubby. I love it!!

So, on a side note, I have finally found a way to tell which direction baby is in! When he gets the hiccups, they are either waaaaay down low, or up in my chest.... He flips almost every single day, which hopefully means, he's not as big as we think he is.... But also hope that he flips (and stays) head down right around the time he's going to make his grand entrance to the world, unless of course he's being cut out anyway.... Which in that case, I don't mind.... Make yourself comfy little man!!! =)

So birthday day. Great day. Jason and T come in super early with starbucks.... Puts me in a great mood already.... Then T has 3 cards (one from her, my little man, and one from Asia, our dog).... 3 AWESOME cards!!!! Jason gave me his card a little bit later after he and I talked, and of course he made me cry.... GOOD tears, of course!!!! He's sooo freakin stinkin amazing! I look at him, nearly EVERY single day, and think "how in the world did I get so lucky? How did this somehow all work itself out and get us to where we are right now?". I love my husband! Sooooo much!!!! We enjoyed a tasty (and highly unhealthy) breakfast together (all 3 of us, at IHOP), went and picked up Steven (Jason's brother), went to sweet factory (was realllly wanting some sour belts, YUM) and headed over to moms to swim. We didn't really have a plan for the day, because I don't like doing much when I'm not "up to par." We hung at moms, and she ended up making some amazing spaghetti and garlic french bread.... Dessert was one of, if not, THE tastiest cakes ever!!! YUUUUUUUMMM!!! (And some slowly churned french vanilla ice cream). We opened presents and low and behold, I am able to check off items on my "mature" birthday list. Grammy got me my chicken thermometer! Woo hoo! Thanks grammy! =). Melissa and dustin got me my small flat iron, which works awesome by the way (tried it out yesterday). Tuety got me an awesome gift!! She got me some Sephora make up brushes (a set), a brush cleaner and my gold paint pot! SCORE! Thanks tuety!!!! And mom and poppa gave me a hundred bucks, which will allow me to purchase the rest of my "goober" items on my list. =). Its funny how much you realize you don't NEED, the older you get, or maybe it's just having kids, you realize the less for us, the better.... No better way to end a great night then coming home and snuggling with my husband! =)

okay, i have had this draft saved for the past few days. i just need to post it and finish the other days sometime soon. you know, i DO procrastinate.... and this title, really did have a good meaning.... 

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