Wednesday, July 8, 2009

good morning bloody nose.

Good morning ashley.
yeah. this is how i wake up almost every single morning!
and you'd think that after nearly 8 and a half months of this, i'd learn NOT to sniffle when i think my nose is running.... buuuuuuut, i've yet to learn!
Eeeeeevery morning, *sniffle*, and my mouth tastes like i shoved a handful of pennies in it. 
it's soooo disgusting, and i sit up and fast as my oversized stomach allows me to, and i waddle (if you can even call it that) over to the bathroom as fast as i can, hoping that the drip trickling down my nose, doesn't drip out.....
you know, after typing this out, i wonder WHY have i not put a roll of toilet paper next to the bed? DUR! that would probably be the smart thing to do, right?
okay.... so our toilet, after jason has replaced the flapper and it was good, decided that it wants to run again.... stupid toilet! we'll have to figure something else out.
so as for now, it's back to that rubberband contraption.... which by the way, i actually decided to take a picture of it this time.... =)
yesterday was a loooong day....
pain started super early, and just continued alllllll day long.
it wouldn't get better, but felt like it was constant and even getting worse at times....
there were contractions, and just a whole bunch of pain to the point that i didn't know what was going on, or what pains were contractions and which ones weren't.
i called my dr who wanted to have me monitored, just as i figured he would.

soooo, jason, being an hour away, and almost off of work, i was telling him not to worry about it until they said they would admit me.   he wasn't comfortable with that plan, and i wasn't comfortable with waiting 2 hours for him to get home and take me.  so, again, my mother (who somehow always seems to come through), came through yet again.... takes me to the hospital.
(kinda funny going back to a department at a hospital i used to work on, and recognizing more than half the nurses there!) but anyway... i am hooked onto the monitors (not very well, mind you). i had to keep adjusting the baby heart monitor, because it wasn't reading his heart rate, i'd say about half the time.... as far as the contraction monitor goes, i have no idea where that's supposed to be placed. i just knew that when i'd feel one come on, it wasn't always being picked up, so i knew it wasn't placed right.
low and behold, there were definitely contractions, just nothing consistent.... 
dilated to 1 cm.... (big whoop!)
and cervix is soft (a bit too much info for some, i'm sure), but what that means is that it's getting ready for this whole "labor" thing.  
anyway, jason showed up shortly after we had arrived and were all hooked up....
i imagined that he'd get all too anxious and nervous, but he wasn't.
he was excited.
kept kissing my face, rubbing me, kissing my belly, talking to the baby....
he was ready for this! 
more ready than I was.
we still need the dresser set up,
the clothes washed.
the CRIB set up....
we still needed our bag packed,
and as HIGH MAINTENANCE as this sounds, 
i still wanted to cut my hair and get a pedicure.
i am SO sick of feeling SO disgusting.....
but i'll admit, yesterday, i really didn't care about my pedicure or hair cut.
i was hurting....
they checked the level of amniotic fluid, which is looking great still!
my crazy monster is still breech, but more of a transverse position (more sideways, than up and down)  he's definitely running out of space in there as his feet were wrapped up on the sides of his head.... soo stinkin cute though! got to see his little butt and his "junk". (or the twins and their leader, as the tech called it)   =)  hee hee hee.
and we were able to go home after several hours.... 
it could be any time, or it could be weeks....
i'm hoping for sooner, rather than later....
we are looking at a c-section still as of right now.... who knows if that will change. 
i really can't imagine that it will, being that the nurse could feel the pelvic bone (and its separation when she checked me) YUCK!
we'll see, and i will keep you posted.
needless to say, we came home, i took my pain medicine (which i haven't taken in FOREVER), took a hot bath

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