Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lucky for me, my younger sister happens to kind of love her niece and nephew, so she offered to watch them so that Jason and I could get out for a night together. Saturday night, we didn't know WHAT we were going to do, but we knew we were going to start with dinner. and ended up with SUUUUSHI!!!!! my favorite!!!

poor jason. he really hates taking pictures, but that's just too bad. i don't ever want to look back and not have taken any of us together. besides, he's so handsome! ;) (even though Tuety said he looks constipated here.... i still think he's handsome!)

Sunday was SUCH a beautiful day.... well, actually it was blazing hot.... and over 100 degrees at our house, so we loaded up the truck with the beach toys, surfboard, towels, cooler and headed down to the beach with the kiddos. they LOVE getting outside. After driving around for a very long time and not finding parking, we ended up an at entirely different beach, parking across the street and jaywalking to finally get to our destination for the day....
Lewie just started standing up without holding onto anything, and he thinks he's SUPER cool when he does this... kinda cracks me up.... you know, i really pushed Taylor to walk, and encouraged it and all that jazz, and besides the fact that girls just learn faster than boys, I really haven't pushed much at all for Lewie to walk. For what? he has his whole life to walk, and run, and fall and get into stuff.... why do i want to encourage that? you see that look? you think he's gonna stay out of trouble? heck no!

i absolutely LOVE his chunky little body.... it cracks me up!

he caught me taking a picture of him about to stand up.... he is looking more and more like a little boy (and like his daddy as a baby) i love it!

jason snapped a shot of us playing in the water.... Lewie LOVES the water and i just KNOW he'll be out there surfing with daddy in no time!!!

my beach boys.... so handsome. i just love them!

my crazy daughter who couldn't keep her eyes open for a picture if her life depended on it. for this one, we did the whole, "close your eyes and on the count of three open them." i hope she'll get out there and surf with jason soon too, however she is deathly afraid of the water.... we'll seeeeeee....

here's to many more wonderful memories as a family.... =)


Marlene said...

Fabby pics!

100 degrees?!!! Holy moly....I'm sitting here freezin' my tushy off.

Your little guy looks like TROUBLE with a capital T....but he will get away with it because he's so stinkin' CUTE!

Your daughter is gorgeous...just like her mama. The man is not so bad, either....though he doesn't really look constipated to me.

Ashley King said...

@marlene. this post was from september!!! haha. i have SOOOO many unpublished ones.... idk why i never publish them anymore. lame!

thanks for all the sweet compliments. i kind of like the girl too! ;)

and the lew-man.... he is DEFINITELY trouble!!!!

and if you knew what jason's REAL smile looked like, you'd agree he looked constipated. ;)

hope you're doing well! it is freezing here too!

Andrea said...

So glad to see SOMEONE enjoying the sun...cold "as a frogs belly" here. I am also proud for you guys and your night out - those are so few and far between sometimes when we are parents. Hope you get to experience many more in the future. You two kiddos are growing up too fast! What cutties!!
Enjoy the sunshine for me and send some my way!

Andrea said...

Just realized the post was from Sept!! Hahaha!!
Well, maybe it's not TOO cold there! We've had a couple of days off because of snow & ice lately - want me to send a little your way? We are expecting a little more in the next couple of days, but the weather is so weird here, we never rely on the forecast!

Ashley King said...

noooo snow please!!!! ;) how are you?? i hope you're doing well!!! it's so nice to hear from you!!! =)