Monday, October 26, 2009

Operation Deliver Pumpkins to the kids at Mission Hospital!

so this weekend.... let's see.... 
friday, we went to the pumpkin patch over by jason's dad's house because taylor and jason had been eyeing this super huge slide for quite some time, and well, it was getting closer to halloween and we needed pumpkins....
so we went.
and they went down the slides and had a great time.
we looked through all the pumpkins (which, surprisingly, weren't very many) and they were just not good ones at all! they were WAY overpriced (to be expected) but they were crooked, lopsided, dirty, dented, and on and on.... there was no way we'd get out of there with a decent pumpkin that we could actually carve a face on!!!
so we decided that we had a great time on their slide, but we would NOT be purchasing our pumpkins from here....

so sunday comes. it's a girl's day.... daddy and Lewie stayed home watching football, which gave taylor and i the whole day to ourselves, with no crying baby, and no impatient daddy (while we shopped). it was nice.... and although i do NOT like being away from my husband, taylor does need some undivided attention as well. jason gets my attention when the kids are sleeping, or when lewie's sleeping and taylor's at my moms. lewie gets my undivided attention, all day, everyday. taylor? not so much. she's always sharing. so this sunday was very much overdue.... and we had a blast!

to close out our sunday funday girl's day out, we stopped by the grocery store for a few items to make dinner, and saw tons and tons of pumpkins!  so we started looking through them. there were near perfect ones, everywhere!!! and they were only $4.99 each. now THAT'S more like it.... so we sorted through them and picked 2 large ones and a tiny one for lewie. dad and i would share 1, and taylor and lewie would have their own. now that i'm thinking about it, i might go back and get another one for daddy. i might want to carve my own. hee hee.....

all this excitement about pumpkins.... taylor was just so excited! her face lit up as she found a perfect one, followed by another.... and another.... and it just went on and on.... the more she looked at, the more perfect ones she saw! we didn't know which ones to pick and then it hit us. i wish i could say it was all my idea, but there was a guy (he's a little slow, but kind as can be) who works the front door. he said, "wouldn't it be great if we could afford to take pumpkins over to the people in the hospital?"   DING DING DING! a bell went off in my head.... it says, "well why can't we? why can't we take the kids some pumpkins?"  these kids have to be in a hospital on a holiday, while so many are out carving pumpkins and trick or treating.... why can't we pay $5 a pumpkin and take them to the kids up the street? 

and so we came home, and i sat for a moment and thought about how to go about this. so i called the hospital today. asked for pediatrics, asked who i would speak to about bringing the kids some pumpkins, talked to her and set it up. so we'll be taking about 20-25 pumpkins and big markers up to the hospital this week either Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning.... and let me tell you, i'm excited! i'm excited to pick up T from school today and tell her that we can do what we talked about last night! she's going to be SOOOO excited!!!! this goes along with our conversation last week about "if you can help someone, you should...." 

we can help them.... therefore, we should.... i wish we could take pictures with the kids, but we can't. we can't get onto the pediatric floor because of the H1N1. =( but i'm still so super excited anyhow.... we'll keep you posted on how this turns out! 

we figure this should cost somewhere around $150 to make 20-25 kids smile.... how cool is that?!  not a lot of money for a heck of a lot of smiles.... soo worth it.... =)


Kristin said...

When you drop off the pumpkins you should leave a disposable camera with them so they can take pictures of the kids for you since you cant get on the floor to see their faces. Just give them an envelope to send the camera back in!

Ashley King said...

that's an awesome idea!!! i'll ask them if i can do that. they might not want to for privacy reasons, but we took a few pictures today when we picked up the pumpkins and i'm going to take pictures tomorrow when we deliver them. we'll take a picture with the child life specialist who will be taking the pumpkins up to that floor. =)

thank you for such a great idea! =)