Monday, October 19, 2009

the innocence of a child.... my Taylor Girl....

so i snuck into taylor's room to read the letter she left for the toothfairy, before i went to bed. i didn't get to read it while she was awake with her.... this is absolutely, hands down, the cutest thing i've ever read in my life!

one piece of paper reads:

"To Tooth fairy
From Taylor Diaz
P.S. you visited me on Saturday.
Happy Tooth fairy day to you.

flip over and read."

so i flip it over.... and it reads:

"This is my sixth tooth I lost. Please give me at least 4 dollars. Please. If your running short on money because kids are loseing lots of teeth then three dollors. I love to lose teeth, but at night I want to see you. I want a pet cat. Can you please tell Santa Clause?"

on another piece of paper, a 2nd note reads....

"Tooth is in the pink chest. What color are you? flip over. more questions."

so i flipped it over and it says:

"top? pants? shoes? wand? hair?"

WOW! i'm half laughing, half crying.... THESE ARE THE MOMENTS I LIVE FOR!!!!!!!!! the innocence of a child is enough to live for. it really makes you want to do wonderful things in your lifetime.... MAN oh man!!!!

I am so blessed to have this girl.....
my Taylor Girl....


Stephani Nicole Anneler said...

Awwwwww. I love her. She says sweetest things...your blessed with a perfect little girl..

Christina said...

OMG as I was reading this I'm lauging & teary eyed all at the same time. I love it!!! ADORABLE!

Jenni Newman said...

I read this to everyone at my work. I love it and thanks for sharing. Tiki, you crack me up! Are you/tooth fairy going to write her back?

Ashley King said...

awww! i love my little munchkin. the toothfairy DID write her back. i'll have to post that letter and her response soon! it was SOOOO sad and cute all at the same time. awwww my pumpkin head! =)

buymebarbies said...

GAWD!!!! I love that girl....make me cry why don't you??? She is an angel sent here to show us how much we can love!!!